Biden Talks to People He Imagines Are in the Audience Again

Joe Biden went to the Cummins Power Generation facility in Fridley, Minnesota on Monday to lie some more about all he’s done for the economy.

I don’t get why we have to pay for these trips which are always full of lies and don’t have to do with any real business for the country. The trips are just about promoting Biden and the Democratic agenda. The Democrats should have to pay for what are essentially campaign efforts. Then we have to see him behave in embarrassing fashion at these events, even getting caught being told how to move and to stand on a mark by handlers, as he was last week in North Carolina.

But you knew it wasn’t going to go well in Minnesota when he got off the plane and then dropped something. I’m not sure what it was and why he didn’t know when he dropped it. But he went back to pick it up by the airplane steps.

Biden began by telling the audience about the time he told people to sit down but there were no seats.

Um, Joe? It’s not exactly a good thing to admit that you’re bonkers. That just confirms the problem.

Then he tried to talk to Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. But Frey wasn’t there. Biden tried to cover for talking to people he imagined were in the audience again by suggesting that Frey left because he, Biden, was going to speak.

Joe, you’re not supposed to admit that people don’t want to hear you speak, you’re saying the quiet part out loud again. The handlers are going to get mad.

At least Frey is still alive, unlike Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN) who had died and had Biden recognize her death, yet thereafter call out to her in the audience.

Then there was this mess. I don’t even know what he was trying to say here.

“When it comes from the top down, my dad’s kitchen table, not much dropped on that kitchen table from the top down,” Biden said. It’s like he forgot/couldn’t read parts of the sentence on the teleprompter and left out the part that would have explained any of this. How could anyone possibly be thinking of running this character again when so much of what he says makes no sense (never mind all the policies which are so bad and harmful to this country)?

Then there was this fight with the teleprompter and complete incoherence together.

“Plus my economic plan is building more … clean energy future … made in America [unintelligible],” Biden mumbled in gobbledygook. You can see him lean in to try to see what’s on the teleprompter after saying “more” but whatever it was, he missed something and ended up with the scramble he spewed.

He also pulled out this weird thing about going to McDonald’s and to “work off their power.”

Any time he says, “I’m not joking,” that’s a tell for “What I am about to say is certifiable.” I think he’s trying to talk about the use of the internet here, not “power” but he doesn’t seem to understand the difference at that moment, which is pretty scary. Even the original point written about McDonald’s and the Internet is dumb, but somehow he managed to make it even worse. As Barack Obama said, never underestimate Joe’s ability to “f**k things up.”

All of this is one more reason to vote Republican in 2024, but trust Joe to give it one final flourish. He needs the handler’s help to know how to get off the stage. The stairs in front of his eyes aren’t enough of a clue.

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