WATCH – Anti-Israel Protester at UCLA Encampment: ‘We Don’t Like White People’

As frat boys counter-protesting radical Palestinian supporters marching on the University of Mississippi campus are accused of “racism” for mocking the left-wing anti-Israel activists, virtually no condemnations are heard from these same voices in response to a pro-Palestinian woman outright denouncing “white people” at the UCLA encampment in Southern California. 

In a viral clip that has been making the rounds on social media in recent days, an anti-Israel protester at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) can be heard dismissing a counter-protester because he is a “white person.”

“You’re just a white person; you’re a white person [so] get out — we don’t like white people,” the keffiyeh-wearing woman insisted before chanting, “Free Palestine” as she waved a Palestinian flag. 

Journalist Cam Higby, who challenged the woman and filmed it, explained that she was “speaking Arabic” and “screaming about Jewish colonizers,” when he confronted her and accused her of “being mad that Hamas is hiding behind civilians.”

According to Higby, the woman, who appears to identify as fully Palestinian, attempted to attack him after their interaction. 

Many took to social media to call out the true agenda and “racist” nature of the protests.

“Anti-white, Anti-Jewish, Anti-American, Anti-capitalism, Anti-freedom, Anti-Western Civilization,” wrote political writer Ryan James Girdusky.

“This is their ideology,” he added. “Beat them before they govern you.”

“It’s not shocking. The left hates white people,” wrote media expert Dan Gainor.

“‘Anti-whiteness’ is real, it’s corrosive, and it’s a major organizational rallying cry for the modern western left,” wrote media personality Anthony Koch.

“When they tell you who they are, believe them,” wrote conservative commentator Marina Medvin.

“If you can condemn the Ole Miss monkey noise student, condemn this,” wrote conservative veteran Peter Henlein. “The fact that it is fashionable for middle aged protestors to openly hate white people but outrageous for college students to act in a similar manner is exactly what fuels the alt-right in this country.”

“Keep telling yourselves these ‘protests’ are about Israel…,” wrote investigative journalist Amy Mek.

“Congrats to the right wingers who’ve taken the side of leftist anti-white nutcases who hate their guts and want them dead,” wrote conservative talk show host Matt Walsh.

On Friday, former ESPN personality Jemele Hill took exception to the video of frat boys counter-protesting left-wing pro-Palestinian supporters demonstrating on the campus of the University of Mississippi.

Reacting to a video posted by an X user who accused one apparent frat member of mockingly dancing before a black protester, Hill insisted that the “open hostility directed at Black students” will not raise the same level of concern as people who are concerned about antisemitism, insisting that at least one of the frat boys be “barred from campus.”

The matter comes as anti-Israel protests and encampments, which started at Columbia University last month, have spread to several other universities in recent days, including Yale, MIT, Princeton, Harvard, UCLA, and George Washington University. 

Despite suspensions and arrests, new encampments continue to emerge. The protesters have various demands such as urging universities to divest from Israeli companies, sever academic ties with Israeli universities, call for a ceasefire favoring Hamas, and grant amnesty to students sanctioned due to their involvement in the protests.

Additional demands include the defunding of campus police and reparations.

The protests are in response to Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza following the October 7 massacre, whereby the terrorist group perpetrated the deadliest attack against Jewish people since the Nazi Holocaust. The massacre saw the torture, rape, execution, immolation, and abduction of hundreds of Israeli civilians, as well as widespread Palestinian support for it.

The Iranian proxy Islamist terrorist organization targeted attendees at a music festival and those in southern Israeli towns, all while thousands of rockets rained down on Israeli civilian centers. The massacre resulted in terrorists killing approximately 1,200 people and wounding over 5,300, with at least 242 hostages taken — more than half of whom still remain in Gaza. The vast majority of the victims are civilians and include dozens of American citizens.

Last week, Iranian “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei lauded the pro-Palestinian protests across U.S. college campuses, particularly praising the chants “against Israel and America,” while depicting the radical demonstrations sweeping the country as a form of victory for the Islamic regime over the “ruined” Western democracies.

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