Biden’s Comment About Women Not Only Gets Ratioed, But New Poll Shows Him in Big Trouble With Women

Joe Biden hasn’t been doing well in the polls and his team seems to be trying to think of all kinds of strategies to hide his issues. The latest was that they were going to cut short his speeches so that they were going to be brief, only several minutes, not things that allow him to ramble on. They claimed that “less was more” and “quality over quantity.” But this also enables them to have less time for him to gaffe up in. 

So all he’s pretty much left with is trying to attack former President Donald Trump and hoping something sticks. Here’s his latest effort (or the effort of who ever is running his account), as our sister site Twitchy reported.

“This November, voters are going to teach Donald Trump a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with the women of America,” Biden said.

Biden then got ratioed into next week with people commenting on who was truly messing with the women of America, and hint, it wasn’t Trump. Many like Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) noted that Biden doesn’t even seem to understand what a woman is. 

“Can you even define a woman?” she asked him. If they can’t even do that, how can they properly even say not to mess with women? 

Many also pointed out in response how Joe Biden had thrown women under the bus in regard to Title IX protections and chastised him for supporting men invading women’s spaces and women’s sports. 

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares commented on Biden’s attack on Title IX and women’s sports. His comment pretty much said it all about how wrongheaded Biden’s approach was. 

“I just think the Biden administration is a classic case of being so open-minded your brain falls right out,” Miyares declared. That sounds right on target. It’s certainly not protecting women or supporting their rights. 

So if Biden thinks that he has women on his side, he may want to think again, given how many women that he’s alienated, not only with this issue about women’s rights, but also how much he’s hurt women and their families economically. 

Indeed Rasmussen was out with a poll on Friday that, if it’s accurate, says Biden is toast with women. 

It has Trump up with women by 11 over Biden, 47 to 36 percent, when you factor in all the other people running. Rasmussen says that includes the “elusive, exclusive ‘Suburban Women'” contingent.

Rasmussen also explained that despite being on trial in New York, Trump has widened his lead over Biden in the past month in their polling, so now Trump is up ten points over Biden, 46 to 36 generally, in a three way race with RFK Jr. In April, Trump was up six points. 

Now, I’ll give my typical poll caution and say it’s still early yet. This poll in regard to women may be an outlier, we’ll have to see. But all the chips seem to me to be moving in Trump’s direction, and if this holds, Biden is done. Women were Biden’s last reliable dynamic. If they go, what’s left when a lot of the other generally Democratic relatable groups are also having issues for Joe? 

Not a lot. 

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