Pro-Palestinian Encampment at University of Chicago Demands Reparations, Defunding Police

Pro-Palestinian protesters involved in an encampment at the University of Chicago issued a wide list of demands, including calling for defunding the campus police and reparations.

The encampment, which has been called the “U Chicago Popular University of Gaza,” issued a long list of demands during a rally on Tuesday, during which a protester announced not only that they were demanding  the university “divest” from Israel, but that the university divest from “interrelated forces of death and violence” including “fossil fuel production,” according to Fox News.

“The U Chicago Popular University For Gaza demands that U Chicago, divest from the Gaza genocide. We demand that U Chicago, divest from weapons manufacturers arming Israel and its partnerships with militarized Israeli universities, and cut ties with the Israel Institute,” the protester said. “We also demand that U Chicago, divest from all interrelated forces of death and violence into which it is currently complicit, especially fossil fuel production, UCPD and construction projects that fuel South Side displacement.

The protester added:

The first pro-Palestinian encampment was established at Columbia University on April 17, leading to several students being suspended and hundreds of protesters being arrested the following day.

While the first encampment at Columbia University was removed, another one was established and remained until the New York Police Department conducted a raid after protesters seized control of Hamilton Hall, an academic building on campus.

Pro-Palestinian encampments and protests have sprouted up across college and university campuses across the nation in support of the first encampment at Columbia University.

Protesters involved in the various encampments and protests have issued a varying list of demands, including divesting from Israeli companies, ending academic ties with Israeli educational institutions, ending academic student trips to Israel, providing full amnesty to protesters who have faced criminal charges or academic disciplinary action, and a ceasefire in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

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