New: Columbia University Hands the Reins Back to Woke Students in Stunning Display of Cowardice

As we noted earlier, though the Columbia University pro-Hamas encampment and Hamilton Hall occupation have both been cleared, it’s pretty evident the lunatics are still running the asylum there, as evidenced by a plea from the Columbia Law Review student editors for law school administrators to “cancel exams and give passing grades for their work throughout the semester.”

The reasons cited?  “The violence we witnessed last night has irrevocably shaken many of us… we also know this to be the same for a majority of our classmates.”

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For those who missed the letter, here’s what it said in full.

As pathetic of a demand as that was – especially considering that the legal profession is no place for wimps, what is even more pathetic is that apparently, some professors on campus have shown a willingness to oblige.

David Bernstein, a law professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School, shared the following excerpt from an email sent out by one of the profs at Columbia, which stated that their students’ final exam had been canceled and that they would all be getting As because of current academic “conditions”:

While it is easy to dunk on that professor for the decision, it should be noted that on Wednesday, Columbia announced how final exams were to be handled in light of current events, and the guidance included options like making sure the exam grade did not negatively impact their overall grade or outright canceling the exams altogether:

Just pathetic, and what a terrible example to set, especially coming from the top. 

Columbia continues to be an example of how not to handle student activism that gets wildly out of hand, and parents who are looking at higher education institutions to see if they would be good fits for their teenage children might want to consider crossing Columbia off their lists. 

Because students throwing tantrums as a way to get out of doing the hard work – and administrators going along with it – is not how it is supposed to be done, and the only way Columbia will learn at this point is for people to simply walk away from it… en masse.

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