Mistakes Were Made at John Fetterman’s Latest Public Appearance

Recent polls have shown the US Senate race in Pennsylvania heating up, with Republican Mehmet Oz in a good position to win if undecideds break towards the out-party, something that has historically happened in first-term mid-terms.

Meanwhile, Democrat John Fetterman continues his grueling, break-neck campaign of five-minute campaign stump speeches. The Democrat, who had a massive stroke in May after ignoring his doctor for half a decade, has put in some disturbing, uncomfortable performances over the last month or so, and Monday was no different.

Fetterman decided he’d try to rib the crowd a little bit by saying that the Eagles are “so much better” than the Steelers (or at least that’s what I assume he meant). I regret to inform you that mistakes were made.

Imagine being in that crowd, hearing such incoherence, and then laughing and chanting uncontrollably as if you just heard the most brilliant joke ever conceived. Who exactly goes to these Fetterman events? And are there really no limits to what they’ll tolerate and support if it means retaining some sliver of power? That’s rhetorical, of course.

Here’s my thing. If you are going to support this bump on a log who also has a massive, unexplained bump on his neck that he constantly tries to hide, at least admit what he is. Stop gaslighting others by insisting it’s all fine and that stroke victims of this seriousness just magically get better. The first three months are the most rapid period of recovery after a major stroke. I regret to inform you that we are well past that at this point. Anyone with their eyes open and see that he’s obviously not progressing.

Fetterman’s issues are not just “auditory,” as his campaign and his supporters have often suggested. Closed captioning at a debate isn’t going to help this guy. You may have noticed by now that Fetterman doesn’t even realize when his brain reboots. He just keeps rolling as his crowds of sycophants cheer, not giving a single thought as to what just came out of his mouth.

That’s a problem. You can’t serve in the US Senate without being able to think clearly about what you are saying and reading. His defenders will claim that he can do the job because he only has to show up with breath in his lungs to vote, but what kind of defense is that? Do Pennsylvanians really want a senator who will be controlled by a cabal of staffers dictating his move? That would like a rather unwise deal to make, in my view.

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