Canada’s Postal System Wants No Part in Gun Confiscation

Canada is in the process of removing so-called assault weapons from citizens. While the risks have always been low, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been on a jihad against modern sporting rifles ever since he got in hot water over him in brown face.

This is the way of politicians. Get caught being a racist twit and decide to go to war with guns. Former Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam approves.

Trudeau, however, doesn’t have a Second Amendment to worry about, so he’s had a bit more success.

Yet a key component of his efforts is a nationwide “buyback” of AR-15s and similar rifles. The plan has been for these weapons to be taken up by Canada Post, their version of the USPS. There’s just one wrinkle in this plan.

Canada Post wants no part of it.

Canada Post is refusing to collect firearms that were banned by the federal government in 2020, complicating Ottawa’s plans for a buyback program to remove 144,000 firearms from private hands, federal sources say.
The Crown corporation informed the government of its position in a recent letter. It said its decision was based on concerns about its employees’ security, according to federal sources who were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.
One key source of concern being cited by Canada Post is the possibility of staff conflicts with gun owners who have been asked to give up their so-called “assault” or “military-style” weapons, which can no longer be used or sold in Canada.

Ottawa’s plan is to have owners of banned guns place the unloaded and secured weapons in government-issued boxes and then send them back to the government to be destroyed. The owners would then be financially compensated.
Government sources say they’re puzzled by Canada Post’s refusal to receive the weapons, since the corporation already delivers guns that are sold online.

Honestly, if the government sources really think that, then that explains a lot about how Canada is run.

People tend not to become violent when they’re receiving something they purchased. The mailman, the UPS driver, and the FedEx driver can come to my house all day long and drop off packages that I ordered and I’m not the least bit upset.

But the moment someone starts to send them to take my property, we’re going to have an issue. That’s why Canada Post is refusing to take part in this.

And I just have to say this idea of putting the guns in special boxes to be taken to a government facility is as brain-dead as it gets. “Hey, let’s put these restricted firearms in a very special–and likely quite obvious–box and leave it outside. I’m sure only Canada Post will pick it up and not some criminal enterprise who has an idea for funneling guns into the black market.”

Of course, this fact would also put Canada Post employees in potential danger. Why collect them yourself when you can just hit a post truck and take them after they’ve already gathered these weapons for you?

Honestly, I never pegged the gun confiscation crowd as all that bright to begin with, either in the US or in Canada, but if they can’t figure out why the mail man doesn’t want any part in this, they’re dumber than I thought.

And that’s really quite an accomplishment.

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