Associate Dean of Students at Vanderbilt’s Divinity School Hates Humanity and Drops F-Bombs

Rev. Laura Cheifetz is the Assistant Dean of Admissions, Vocation, and Student Life at Vanderbilt University’s School of Divinity. She has held this position since 2019, is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and holds a substantial religious pedigree. No doubt this is why she was hired by the outgoing dean of the School of Divinity, Rev. Dr. Emilie M. Townes.

In an introductory video, Dr. Townes encourages new students that in learning to combine “social witness” and their spirituality, and trying to be a faithful community, “we’ll get it right, and we’ll get it wrong. But we keep trying to lean into the right side.”

In some recent tweets, Cheifetz gets it all kinds of wrong, particularly in dealing with people and students she does not align with.

You see, for those who oppose the transgender advocacy and assistance in which Vanderbilt University actively participates, and expressed their displeasure to the school, Cheifetz apparently throws Vanderbilt Unversity’s EDI statement out the window:

From their statement about EDI:

The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion endeavors to make Vanderbilt University an environment where equity, diversity and inclusion are inseparable from institutional excellence and to model intentional practices that respect the humanity of all. We work to promote environments that are affirming, welcoming, equitable, inclusive, and diverse in order to foster a sense of belonging at Vanderbilt and beyond, with the goal of advancing human potential and growth.

But it appears from Cheifetz’s Twitter feed that all those warm fuzzies do not extend to her neighbors:

Wonder how she knows this? For a person who is hired as a social outreach for new students, Cheifetz seems to be a tad deficit in the “social” aspect, as reflected in this series of tweets.

Cheifetz loves using the “F” word apparently, and genuinely despises “Trumpkins” and anyone who puts on Jesus concerts.

Tweet 1: I got a wrong number call with a message about a fundraising banquet from one of those shit crisis pregnancy centers that prey on the vulnerable with misinformation and I have half a mind to call back and f*** with them.

Tweet 2: Sometimes people f*** around and find out, you know?

Tweet 3: Vodka tonic with elderberry syrup because you all* can’t manage to stay the f*** at home or wear a mask or worship online.

*you all refers to asshats and deniers and Trumpkins and that guy who holds massive “Jesus” concerts.

I wonder if she’s double-vaxxed and triple-boosted?

Inquiring minds…

Then there is Cheifetz’s attitude toward incoming students who do not agree with the school’s policies and choose to not attend the university. The formerly incoming student was courteous enough to send an email explaining their whys, and frankly, it’s their money, and their time, so it’s their right… right?

Apparently not.

F*** that person who emailed this morning to say they couldn’t go to school here due to the vaccine mandate, absolutely go f*** yourself.

The tweet has since been deleted, but apparently, Cheifetz was having a problem with that “respect the humanity of all” part of the DEI statement. I mean really, Twitter is a great place to at least pretend you practice what you preach. Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? Perhaps Cheifetz missed that course in seminary.

This is just a sampling of Cheifetz’s tweets. In her staff bio, she sounds sweetness and light, baking cookies to give to her neighbors, and trying to be a fantastic aunt.

Then you read her tweets, and it’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. Who is the real Laura Cheifetz, and if she despises people so much, why is she in a profession where is required to interact with them?!

Make it make sense.

Once the tweet where she cursed the anonymous student went viral, and others started noticing the disconnect between her F-word-laden bon mots and Christian charity, Cheifetz was ratioed and chastised. To avoid further scrutiny, Cheifetz protected her account so that no one but those she was previously connected to can view her F-bombs and misanthropic musings.

I feel really bad for the students she has encountered. I also feel bad for any student who senses God’s call to ministry and decides Vanderbilt is the place they would like to attend. If Laura Cheifetz is a reflection of the rest of the community, there’s more wrong with this institution of higher learning than their transgender agenda and their vaccine mandates. Their social witness, spirituality, and ability to engage in academic and religious discourse are sorely lacking.

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