NYT Journalist Claims That It’s “Disturbing” to See American Flags…In America

American flags are a way to be patriotic. Anyone can wave them, regardless of political affiliation. After all, we’re all Americans, right?

Apparently not.

Mara Gay of the New York Times finds it “disturbing” to see American flags on display.

Gay recently joined “Morning Joe” on MSNBC to discuss a commission having to do with the January 6 riots in Washington DC. She is under the impression that flying an American flag means that not only are you a Trump supporter but that you can’t separate your vision of America from “whiteness.”


Gay is not interested in any kind of bipartisanship. She believes that Democrats should simply begin targeting Republicans who supported the January 6 riots. She believes that the commission will be the only way to get Trump’s influence out of American politics.

While Trump was a favorite politician among many, he’s out of office. He’s no longer influencing American politics. What Gay is obviously not aware of is that Republicans have minds of their own. Many believe that it’s time to fight for America – and that’s not an idea that Trump planted into people’s minds.

She isn’t making much sense because she believes that Trump is to blame for everything. She believes everyone who supported Trump identifies “Americanness” and “whiteness” as the same.

“We have tens of millions of Trump voters who continue to believe that their rights as citizens are under threat by simple virtue of having to share the democracy with others.”

While there may be a small faction of people who believe this, it’s hardly the norm.

Most Trump supporters are thrilled to share the democracy with others. However, we don’t want to be told that we’re “white” and that we need to be “whitewashed” in order to fit with society.

Too many liberal groups want to paint Trump and Trump supporters as the problem. They want to call us racists. They want to refer to us as white supremacists.

What happened to equality? For decades, we’ve been able to live as one. Then, one day, the liberals decided that it was time to shake things up. Black Lives Matter roared to life and, suddenly, if you supported Trump, you were a racist and a bigot.

Meanwhile, Gay wants to say that seeing American flags is disturbing.

Perhaps she’s the problem.

I see I’m being trolled with the American flag this morning. Trolling a Black journalist with the American flag is not the own some people think it is.

— Mara Gay (@MaraGay) June 8, 2021

“We have to figure out how to get every American a place at the table in this democracy, but how to separate Americanness, America, from whiteness,” she explains.

Where does she think all of this whiteness is? We had a black president in office for not four but for eight years. We have people of color in all levels of politics.

While our history may be predominantly white, even it is not all whiteness. We had plenty of incredible people of color help to shape our history – Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr, Booker T Washington, and many more.

Gay seems to be the problem. She wants to keep bringing whiteness back into the discussion when it doesn’t need to be there.

We have to stop accusing people of being racist until they actually do something racist.

Flying the American flag is a way to speak of unity. We love our country. And everyone else should love the country that they live in, too. If you don’t love the country – history and all – perhaps you’re the problem and not the people who are flying the flag proudly.

It didn’t take long for Gay to be trolled on social media as people flooded her profiles with American flags. She immediately took to Twitter to say that she’s being trolled. She made sure to identify herself as a “black journalist” in the tweet, as if to say that people need to back off.

Just watch. The American flag is going to be the next thing for the liberals to try to cancel. After all, it’s just a symbol of our country’s whiteness and our dedication to Trump, right?


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