Look! Hunter Biden’s a Bloody Racist!

We haven’t had any good news about Hunter Biden lately. If our president knows what’s good for him (and his ratings), he’s likely told his son to stay out of trouble.

Seeing as how the drug addict and swindler can’t seem to stay out of the news for long, it was only a matter of time before a story surfaced about Hunter Biden. And this one is a good one.

This country has been battered and bruised because of racism. The last thing we need is for the president’s own son to be using the highly offensive n-word as though his life depended on it.

The infamous Hunter laptop has turned up some colorful language used in a January 2019 text to his corporate attorney, George Mesires. There were jokes about being well endowed. Hunter Biden texted that he only loves George because he’s black and made the comment of “true dat n***a.”

The laptop, apparently abandoned at an IT shop in Delaware, has been the source of quite a bit of controversy. It contained emails that would have put then-VP Joe Biden in a meeting with Burisma. Although Biden has denied involvement in Hunter’s business deals, the laptop is quite contradictory.

To think that Joe Biden was able to be elected even with the existence of such damning evidence. Ahh, but we stray from the topic.

Let’s have some fun digging through this laptop, full of racial slurs and memes.

There’s even a gem of a meme that features Hunter’s father along with former President Barack Obama. It features a made-up conversation back and forth where Joe begs to make a comment just once. Obama sighs and says to go ahead. Then, the meme shows Joe saying, “You my N***a, Barack.”

Nothing on this laptop is good news for Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, or any member of the Democratic White House.

It’s hard to focus on social justice when your son is clearly a racist. Joe Biden has vowed to combat racism and even delivered a speech to commemorate the Tulsa Massacre. Meanwhile, his son is dropping “N***a” bombs left and right.

After meeting with George Floyd’s family following the one-year anniversary of his death, Joe Biden said “we have to act.” He went on about battling for the soul of America. He comments about “the harsh reality that racism has long torn us apart.”

Before he begins lecturing Americans on being racist, he may have to start with his son. Joe Biden is becoming an example of how racism can happen. Apparently, he never sat his children down to explain that you don’t use the “N” word, ever. Yet, Hunter Biden believes that it’s a word that he can not only use but do so numerous times in a joking manner.

Instead of talking to his son about racism, President Biden has patted him on the head and told him what a good boy he is. He’s even referred to Hunter as “the smartest guy I know.” Yikes. That’s not saying much. After all, Hunter uses the “N” word when he shouldn’t. And, he dropped off a laptop full of incriminating evidence and was too high to remember where the shop was to go pick it back up.

Oh, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We’ve got a president who told a radio host that “if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” It was a cringeworthy moment, for sure. But, with dad saying that we can’t really be surprised when his son talks to his black friend by using “my N***a” as a term of endearment.

If we do have problems with race and racism in this country, the problem is sitting in the Oval Office. And the proof is sitting on his son’s laptop, along with enough proof to get Joe Biden out of office. We can’t use it, though, because we don’t want to be stuck with Kamala Harris as president, either.

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