Reports: Top BBC Staffer Branded White People ‘Melanin-Recessive Parasites’, Called Jews ‘Nazis’ and a ‘Coloniser Species’

A top employee at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reportedly made numerous racist remarks about white European people and Jews, such as saying that white people are “parasites” and a “virus” while branding Jewish people “Nazis”.

Dawn Queva, a schedule coordinator for BBC 3, made a series of racist anti-white and antisemitic comments on social media, according to multiple reports.

In one post, reported by The Telegraph, she is said to have described white people as an aberration against the natural order of the world and that they are a “barbaric bloodthirsty rapacious murderous genocidal thieving parasitical deviant breed”.

According to the British broadsheet, the BBC staffer said Britain was “bigoted” and “genocidal” while referring to the United Kingdom on several occasions as the “UKKK”, a reference to the Ku Klux Klan. She also reportedly said that white people were a “virus”, a “mutant invader species” and “melanin-recessive parasites”.

According to Deadline, she previously worked for A+E Networks, Disney, and UKTV. The news outlet reported that Queva had also written several antisemitic rants on the conflict in Israel, including one which said that Israelis were a “subcontinental Caucasian invader coloniser species with zero indigenous/blood.”

“The Zionist genocidal land squatting so called Jew’ irrespective of the fact that The UKKK and Amerikkka gave away land they had no god given right to a people who have no god given right to,” another post is said to have read. She is also claimed to have described modern Jews as a “synagogue of Satan cabal calling themselves ‘JeWISH’.”

The BBC employee also reportedly said that Jewish people were “Nazi apartheid parasites” and criticised the Rothschild family for supposedly funding a “holohoax”.

In response to the reports, the BBC said: “We don’t comment on individual members of staff and we have well-established and robust processes in place to handle such issues. We do not tolerate anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, or any form of abuse and we take any such allegations seriously and take appropriate disciplinary action wherever necessary.”

The BBC, which is funded by a licence fee imposed on anyone who watches live television in the UK on pain of prosecution and potential jail time, has previously come under criticism for apparent bias against Israel.

Following the October 7th terror attacks on Israel, which left around 1,200 dead and saw an estimated 250 taken captive, the BBC faced protests over its decision to not label Hamas as terrorists, despite countries such as the UK and the United States designating them as such. Instead, the broadcaster referred to Hamas terrorists merely as “fighters”, “gunmen”, or “militants”.

Other employees at the BBC have been accused of spreading antisemitic sentiments, with reporters for BBC News Arabic appearing to praise Hamas terrorists as freedom fighters after the October 7th terror attacks. In 2021, a “Palestinian Specialist” for the broadcaster was reported to have proclaimed that “Hitler was right” and the state of Isreal was “more Nazi than Hitler”.

The BBC has also faced accusations of anti-white bias as well, with several reports claiming that the public broadcaster had advertised for positions at the BBC only open to “non-white” candidates.

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