RFK Jr. Condemns Biden Airstrikes in Iraq, Syria

The Biden regime, apparently eager to start a regional and possibly global war starting with Iran, has been busy recently bombing targets.

Here’s what the independent presidential candidate RFK Jr. had to say on the matter via Twitter/X (emphasis added):

“Perhaps that is the point,” indeed.

This is how escalation works: a handful of American service members, like sitting ducks, await to be struck in remote, unprotected bases scattered nonsensically across the Middle East in hostile countries that don’t want them there.

Militias backed by regional powers strike them.

The U.S. strikes back.

Iran, at some point, starts bombing U.S. forces directly.

Israel then attacks Hezbollah in a pre-emptive strike, or vice-versa.

China and/or Russia jump in on Iran’s side or simply, taking advantage of the cover, escalate in their own backyards (in Taiwan and Ukraine, respectively). India and Pakistan perhaps erupt in war over Kashmir.

And now we have World War III, this time with nuclear weapons, fought by a woke American military more concerned with injecting potentially crippling experimental drugs into its soldiers or else kicking the ones who won’t out and gender equity than military potency.

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