Jill Biden Has Truly Pathetic ‘Please Clap’ Moment, WH ‘Record’ Fails to Reflect It

I might feel sorry for Jill Biden’s seeming great need for acceptance and status if I didn’t think that it had so grievously hurt our country.

We saw how Joe Biden admitted that she wanted to get her Ed.D. because she was tired of mail coming to the house addressed to him as “Senator” but she had no title. That’s pretty sad. Most people want to get their degree to have that achievement and maybe to advance their careers, not for the “status” the title conveys. But that’s likely why the White House insists that people call her “Dr.” when most people who have earned a doctoral degree don’t really give a darn, outside of the academic setting.

I think it’s that status thing that has also led us to where we are today, with her husband occupying the highest office in the land when he should be retired and hanging out with his grandchildren. He could still be pretending to be a professor. Unfortunately, all the disaster we’ve been subjected to over the past few years has been because the people who supposedly care for him didn’t care enough to tell him he should not run. Now, they’re also trying to subject us to him again, with a second run. As if he hasn’t done enough to us already, their slogan for running again is “Let’s finish the job.” I’m truly afraid if they do get in again, they will indeed “finish the job” — on all of us and the country.

But back to Jill. She was speaking at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education on Thursday when she had a truly pathetic “please clap” moment.

“I’ve visited red states and blue states. And I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions,” she declared, then waited for the applause that didn’t come. “And, uh, I thought you might clap for that!” she said, exasperated. My gosh, that was so needy, she’s so desperate for praise, it was sad.

How dare she pitch unity when her husband has been doing everything he can to demonize the right and divide people? Accusing the right of being terrorists and blaming them for his own failures? Does she think that she could go to the Reagan Institute and people would forget? That’s likely why she didn’t get the clap — because it’s not a fully compliant Democratic audience that will go along with that lie.

Further, no, our values are not the same. Radical leftist values that divide people and want to destroy the nation are not the same as those that value the individual and want to lift our country up.

Finally, I was curious about how the White House would handle her remarks and her begging for a clap. What’s funny is that they normally have what is supposed to be the official transcript of remarks actually made. But in the case of her remarks, they had “Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by First Lady Jill Biden at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education.” So it’s not a transcript, but what was prepared for her to say. Perhaps that’s to avoid things like when she said “bogidas” instead of “bodegas” to a Hispanic audience or “si se pwodway.” I also noted that a lot of the recent “as prepared for delivery” remarks were from Jill Biden speeches. The White House can try to gloss over such things by not having the transcript. But they can’t prevent us from seeing what she truly said — and the Internet is forever.

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