Don Lemon Drops Taylor Lorenz in Hilarious Fashion Over Basic Problem With Campus Protesters’ Position

Former CNN hack Don Lemon has a long history of getting things wrong. 

So when even he gets something right, you have to know how bad it is. Yes, there are people who are even too radical for Lemon. 

I could probably just say “Taylor Lorenz and the campus protesters/rioters,” stop right there, and you would know the take has to be ridiculous. You would be correct. 

Lemon asked Lorenz a good question when he had her on his YouTube show on Friday. 

“How do you reconcile the way, uh, marginalized groups — many of the people in these marginalized groups, obviously they are fighting for, uh, Palestine, for the Palestinians, for what’s happening in Gaza. But yet in Gaza, they would not have any freedom?” he asked. 

Lorenz, who doesn’t seem to operate in reality, replied, “They don’t have any freedom in Texas and Florida!”

That was too insane even for Lemon and he just finished her off. He said, “Taylor, I’m a member of the LGBTQ community, if I go to Texas they’re not going to throw me off a roof.”

Exactly, but Lorenz doesn’t even want to touch that reality. Plus, she’s spinning nonsense about Texas and Florida. The exasperation was evident in Lemon’s voice with Lorenz’s bad take. 

But it just shows one of the many holes in the position of the protesters and the left on this issue. 

Yes, they’re supporting people who voted in Hamas. they’re supporting people — many of whom would like to throw gay people off a roof. How does that square with their thoughts? They already are disregarding the reality of Hamas terrorism here, or trying to spin it into acceptable “resistance” to “occupation,” (even if there isn’t any occupation). They’re simply ignoring this basic conflict over LGBT people as well. 

It shows how folks like Lorenz just have no credibility when they do things like equate Texas and Hamas. It’s similar to how they compare Republicans to Hitler. The hyperbole is off the charts, and anyone who engages in it is just showing how deeply unserious they are. And in doing that they’re diminishing real evil like Hamas and like Hitler. 

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