Gingrich: ‘We Don’t Want to Be the Anti-Biden Party – We Want to Be the Pro-America Party’

Friday on FNC’s “The Ingraham Angle,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich urged Republicans not to be portrayed as the “anti-Biden party.”

Instead, he urged it to be pro-America, given the events unfolding around the globe.

“[I] would say that rather than focusing on Joe Biden, who clearly has very significant cognitive problems, and who has to rely on his son, who himself, Hunter, has all sorts of clouds over his head. But if you watch them, in Ireland, it was embarrassing how much President Biden had to rely on his son, just to seem semi-competent,” he said. “Rather than focus on that, I think Republicans need to focus, as Speaker McCarthy has been doing, on finding positive solutions, making clear that we are with the American people, being reasonable, at a time when extremists dominate the Democratic Party, and offering the American people hope that there is a better future.”

“I just have recently been in a series of meetings with people, who are sophisticated, and who are genuinely frightened,” Gingrich continued. “They look at what’s happening in Saudi Arabia, allying with China, in Brazil, cutting deals with China, in what the Iranians are doing, what the Russians are doing. And they’re really genuinely scared. These are very sophisticated people who look at how utterly incompetent Joe Biden is. He’s not Commander-in-Chief. He sort of Cognitive-Problems- in-Chief. And I think that we have to recognize that the key is not to focus on Biden. We don’t want to be the anti-Biden party. We want to be the pro-America party.”

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