Condoleezza Rice: U.S. Arming Ukraine ‘Just Common Decency,’ Upholding ‘International Law’

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday on FNC’s “The Story” that the United States giving Ukraine weapon systems to fight off Russia’s invasion was “just common decency.”

Anchor Martha MacCallum asked, “A lot of people say Putin’s army is nowhere near what everybody thought it was. He is going to lose this. Why are we spending all of this time and money on Ukraine? This is the argument some of them put forth. When we have other concerns here at home and other places in the world? What do you say to them, Dr. Rice?”

Rice said, “I say we have never come out of this well when we allow the rule of law, international law, just common decency, to be devastated and the way that Vladimir Putin and the Russians are doing. We absolutely have to help the Ukrainians stop this, and when I hear, you know, ‘this is not our fight.’ We did not think 1914 was our fight. We do not think 1941 was our fight. Well, in 2001, the fight came home to us. So our helping the Ukrainians defend is also defending us. As to depletion of our own resources, first of all, I don’t think we are going to fight many ground wars in Europe. Hopefully not. If indeed we are stressing supply chains and stressing supplies, that means find a way to backfill, find a way to increase production. It doesn’t mean simply sitting by and not giving the Ukrainians what they need.”

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