Elon Blows Apart Liberal Myth on Ferguson, Makes It Even Better With Big Vow for Twitter

I wrote about how Elon Musk discovered “Stay Woke” t-shirts in a Twitter closet as he continues to sort out things at the headquarters. That says so much about the liberal nature of the platform before Musk.

Musk also noted that the shirts go back to the time of the shooting of Michael Brown and the protests/riots in Ferguson. He also linked to the report of the Obama DOJ, noting that the shooting was in self-defense.

That set off people on the left even more because they had to deal with the reality that their beliefs that they may have held about that shooting for years were fiction. That couldn’t be, so it had to be that Elon was a racist person from South Africa, even if the Obama DOJ agreed with him. You still had some in media like Gizmodo write purulent garbage. Even the tweet to their article had a potentially misleading picture.

But one of the rallying cries from the movement, “hands up don’t shoot,” was picked apart incessantly by right-wing pundits who sought to exonerate the police officer, much like Musk is still doing today. Witnesses to the shooting claimed Brown had his hands up, though the U.S. Department of Justice investigators didn’t find this credible. Wilson, who shot Brown at least six times, claimed that Brown had charged at him and the shooting was in self-defense.

Gizmodo isn’t going to relitigate what happened in 2014. But we do find it notable that Musk wants to reopen the wounds of that summer, either to stoke more controversy on his social media platform with the hopes that it generates attention for a site that’s hemorrhaging advertisers, or simply because Musk wants to signal to his right-wing fans that he’s well and truly one of them. Whatever his goal, Musk succeeded at proving he desperately wants approval from the absolute worst people on the planet.

How dare Musk post the truth! That fiend! The cop didn’t just claim it was in self-defense, the evidence and the investigations supported that it was. Gizmodo knows that, but they still want to pump the anger, rather than the truth.

But liberals don’t want the truth and that’s what Musk has truly been showing with his takeover of Twitter.

Musk made another comment about how much the world’s conversation had been distorted by Twitter which shows he truly gets it. This is why the left is so mad, that they could spread all the radical narrative across the world when they had control but now they can’t. And Elon vowed he’s going to stop that “thumb on the scale.”

That’s exactly what we want — not a tilt to the right, but an actual open playing field that doesn’t suppress the truth. Musk making that commitment is terrific and was welcomed with open arms. With this, you may be seeing the beginning of the breaking of that leftist hold, to greater openness and sanity for the benefit of our country. And that can only benefit us all, which is why all this is so exciting to see.

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