Project Veritas Reveals Leaked FBI Elections Crime ‘Cheat Sheet’

Project Veritas on Thursday dropped a document leaked from the FBI regarding “election crimes.” It was a list of potential offenses that the Bureau will be looking for on social media in the lead-up to the midterm elections.

The document cites crimes related to campaign finance, election interference, voter/ballot fraud, and others. But most noteworthy was its reference to “misinformation,’ which the Bureau classifies as “false or misleading information spread mistakenly or unintentionally.”

Under normal circumstances, this would not be an issue. Law enforcement has always prosecuted crimes related to this type of conduct.

On the FBI’s website, the Bureau notes that “[b]ad actors” might “provide misleading information about the time, manner, or place of voting,” which could include “inaccurate election dates or false claims about voting qualifications or methods, such as false information suggesting that one may vote by text.”

An example of this would be the actions of right-wing grifters Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, who were caught putting on a robocall scheme designed to suppress votes in swing states during the 2020 campaign. Their specific focus was black voters, who typically vote for Democrats:

The two men were accused of arranging for a voice broadcast service to make about 85,000 robocalls to predominantly Black neighborhoods in Ohio, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois during the runup to the 2020 general election. Prosecutors said the pair were responsible for 3,500 calls to residents of Cleveland and East Cleveland.

The calls falsely told potential voters that their mail-in ballots could be used by law enforcement to enforce arrest warrants, and collect outstanding debts. The pair also intimated that voting in this manner could cause the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to track these voters in order to force them to take the COVID-19 vaccination.

Obviously, these are the types of scams that most would want the FBI to stop. But in an age in which the Bureau and Justice Department have brazenly been politicized, the use of the term “misinformation” should raise some eyebrows.

The FBI has shown itself to be a political apparatus since the 2016 election of former President Donald Trump. We already know about the Spygate scandal and Russia collusion hoax, both of which the Bureau played a critical role. But even now, they are targeting the former president and his associates.

Even further, they are clearly on the pro-choice side of the abortion debate. They have rounded up pro-life protesters for “crimes” they allegedly committed more than a year ago. As of this writing, the FBI has arrested exactly zero people for the firebombings and other acts of vandalism perpetrated by pro-abortion activists against pro-life organizations.

If anyone believes that the FBI isn’t capable of using these laws to target people for expressing certain viewpoints or criticisms on social media, I’ve got some prime oceanfront property in Idaho to sell them. As we have learned over the past two years, the definition of the term “misinformation” is: “Anything opinion, viewpoint, or argument that the left doesn’t like.”

At this point, it is clear the Bureau is in the pocket of left-wing politicians, so we can only assume this is the definition by which they are operating. Let’s hope I’m wrong on this.

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