Philadelphia Inquirer Reporters Claim John Fetterman Won the Debate

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf was better known by his nickname of Baghdad Bob. He was the Minister of Information for Saddam Hussein when the US lead coalition invaded Iraq in 2003. Appearing in front of the world and overlooking Baghdad as US tanks rolled down the street “Bob” proclaimed that American forces would never enter the capital and that American soldiers were committing suicide, en masse. He was asked for the source of his claims. He said: “authentic sources–many authentic sources.”

Baghdad Bob is now a noun for anyone who spouts nonsense in the face of reality. Biden’s Press Secretary is about as good at lying as “Bob” was in 2003. Lies stream from her lips like water from a fire hose. She isn’t alone.

It is no mystery that the majority of journalists in media, both print and TV, are in the tank for one side. They frame facts to distort what our eyes see and what our ears hear. They look to convince you that you really didn’t see a mob of rioters loot, then burn down a building. “Fiery, but mostly peaceful.”

John Fetterman’s comms team claimed victory following Tuesday night’s debate between him and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

That’s next-level lunacy. It’s the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail nutty. The knight was sliced to pieces – the only thing remaining was his head and torso and he cries “It’s only a flesh wound!” “Hey Fetterman didn’t die on stage – we won!”

Was it only the Fetterman’s comms team claiming victory? Heck no. Lapdog media started circling the wagons to protect him, as well.

The Philadelphia Inquirer crack staff of Jimmy Olsens want you to know that although Fetterman started the debate with “Good night,” bumbled through almost every answer, and offered some responses that were incoherent, Fetterman actually won the debate. No seriously. One of the Inquirer’s editors rated Oz a “0/10” on a 1-10 scale. One would think that not being a corpse, a debater would still get at least a “1/10”. Nope – Oz got no points.

An editor named Devi Lockwood rated Fetterman a 7/10, saying:

He had zingers, saying that Oz has never met an oil company that he doesn’t “swipe right” on. Hearing Fetterman say that Roe v. Wade should be the law led me to audibly sigh in relief. Abortion should be a choice between a pregnant person and their doctor

Yes, he used the term “pregnant person.” I give Lockwood 10/10 on the hack scale.

Lockwood rated Oz a 1/10.

His plan to “unleash the energy beneath our feet” is frankly frightening. I’d encourage Oz to listen to the parents of kids with leukemia who live near fracking sites. Also: leaving abortion up to the states will create pockets of the country that feel like the The Handmaid’s Tale. No thank you.

Lockwood didn’t say a word about Fetterman claiming he endorses and supports fracking. Fetterman lied about that, but Lockwood must protect the precious at all costs.

Who was the guy rating Oz a zero? Paul Davies the Opinion Editor. Davies said:

For all his years on TV, Oz came across as a fast-talking used car salesman. The second Oz said that he would support the return of the twice-impeached former president who incited a deadly insurrection and tried to overturn a free and fair election, he disqualified himself from holding public office and his score went to zero.

They must protect the precious. The precious isn’t a ring – it’s the Democrat majority in the Senate and if they lose in Pennsylvania they know there is little chance of holding the majority. So, media will back a man who can’t speak English.

Protect the precious.

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