WATCH: Lee Zeldin Strikes at the Heart of NY Gov. Hochul’s ‘Soft on Crime’ Policies in Powerful New Ad

A new ad for New York Republican gubernatorial candidate, Rep. Lee Zeldin dropped on Thursday, and it’s a stunner, coming on the heels of both an impressive showing in a debate against the Democrat incumbent, and a new poll, which shows Zeldin leading-by fractions of a percentage point- Gov. Kathy Hochul. No one needs reminding that the midterms are less than a week away, at this point.

The thirty-second TV ad stars not just Zeldin but, “Lee Zeldin and family,” as the wording on the ad states. The reason is obvious: not only did the GOP nominee suffer an assassination attempt while on the stump in July, but his family home was visited earlier in October by what police now think was gang-related violence — while he and his wife were away and his twin daughters were home alone.

One of the more relatable arguments against Democrat governance is public safety, especially of our families and in our communities. As Zeldin hammers home here, repeating some of his strongest points in the debate on Tuesday, the policies of Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul and radical, Soros-funded New York District Attorneys have affected Americans even “on our own front lawn,” as Zeldin says in this ad.

He promises that on “[his] first say as governor, [he] will declare a Crime Emergency,” and “[he’]ll stop Hochul’s cashless bail and fire weak prosecutors.”

But there’s no point quoting the full clip, when Zeldin’s ad gets its powerful message across on its own. I’ll leave you with this, though: The closing line couldn’t be better, turning the trite line so many politicians spout, about every election being the “most important one of our lifetimes,” on its head.

And it strikes right at the heart of Hochul’s “soft on crime” record:

Vote like your life depends on it…because it does.

Watch below:

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