Two People Shot Outside GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Lee Zeldin’s New York Home

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) who is currently running for governor against New York Gov. Kathy Hochul announced that there were two people shot outside his home. He said his two 16-year-old daughters had been home and heard the shots.

“My daughters Mikayla and Arianna were doing homework on the first floor,” said Zeldin, who was not at the house in Shirley at the time. “They heard the shots. Boom! They went upstairs and locked themselves in the bathroom.

“They’re freaked out,” the congressman said of his 16-year-old girls. “One of the bullets was found 30 feet from where my daughters were doing their homework.”

While a bullet hit Zeldin’s fence, the police believe that the shooting may have been gang-related and not related to Zeldin, who is running on a tough-on-crime platform in the face of all the rising crime in New York.

“Just happens to be irony,” a source told The Post.

One of the victims jumped over the congressman’s fence trying to escape getting shot as the bullets flew, knocking over a “Zeldin for Governor” sign in the process, according to sources.

Sources said one of the victims was shot in the chest, while the other was grazed. [….]

“The local police have cordoned off the area,” he said.

A law enforcement source said there was blood all over the property.

“Crime is out of control,” Zeldin said in a statement. “Like so many New Yorkers, crime literally made its way to our front doorstep.

“There was blood in the rock right next to the porch,” Zeldin added. “One of the shooting victims was underneath the porch. The other was underneath bushes near the porch.”

Zeldin said he didn’t know who the people were and that they were giving security footage at their home to investigators.

Wow. If that can happen outside his house in Long Island, you know how bad it is getting in New York.

They may have been on edge given that there was a prior attack on Zeldin at a speaking event in July.

Zeldin has been gaining on Hochul in the race and it’s now neck and neck because Zeldin has been concentrating on the issues the voters care about, including crime.

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