WaPo Attacks Libs of TikTok Again, This Time for Not Policing Their Most Ridiculous Reporter

The drama between the Wasington Post and Libs of TikTok (LoTT) never ceases. It’s clear that the leftist rag has it out for the Twitter user.

The Bezo’s owned “news” source is clearly bearing a grudge but it’s its own fault. WaPo never recovered from the loss it suffered to its reputation after Taylor Lorenz attempted to sink it with a hit piece that involved her showing up at the homes of LoTT’s family members. Moreover, Lorenz is continuously digging the hole she put the site in.

Case in point, Lorenz is still trying to sink LoTT but failing miserably, and at this point it would appear its editors are having a hard time controlling her as well. In fact, now WaPo editors are almost putting the onus on LoTT to make sure their own reporter gets its facts right.

LoTT posted a DM conversation between it and WaPo Silicon Valley corespondent Elizabeth Dwoskin over an article published by the Post about a hospital that was suposedly evacuated due to supposed threats it got over a post by LoTT. Only the hospital was never evacuated. Lorenz, who asked LoTT about the hospital’s activites in Dwoskin’s stead, just ran with the narrative without confirmation or investigation.

Hilariously, when LoTT confronted Dwoskin about the lie, Dwoskin blamed the error on LoTT, not Lorenz. What Dwoskin did is effectively try to make LoTT responsible for policing Lorenz and her reporting, not herself or WaPo’s editors.


I can’t think of a much better example of how much the Washington Post — and indeed the mainstream media — have fallen. While journalists make mistakes all the time, it’s usually good for the journalist to issue an apology for any major mistakes, especially one that blames an individual for creating a massive amount of chaos that never happened.

However, here we have a major publication making the subject of its hatred responsible for the accuracy of its own reporting. If this is how WaPo is acting now, then it can no longer be considered a news source. It’s a gossip rag with an open grudge against an individual.

If WaPo wants to make the subjects of its attacks responsible for the accuracy of its reporters then it needs to start paying the people it goes after.

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