Outrage Shift In The Press As Today Ron DeSantis Is Cruel for NOT Engaging In ‘Human Trafficking’

Last week’s outrage makes a complete 180 as today Ron DeSantis not flying immigrants across the country is the problem.

Think of all the hysterics we have been presented with this past week, regarding the flight of 48 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard by Governor Ron DeSantis. It was “human trafficking“, and/or it was “kidnapping“. A lawsuit has been drawn up as a result – of course. A camera-snuggling sheriff in Texas is making the media rounds claiming he will investigate DeSantis…despite saying, “I’m not able to definitively say here’s the statute that they broke.”

Now today, DeSantis is accused of more human rights abuses – because he did not do these same things.

Yes, according to the reliably error-prone Miami Herald, Ron DeSantis is now considered in the wrong because he did not engage in kidnapping and human trafficking. It would all be laughable if it was not so reflective of just how off-kilter our press industry has become. The latest contempt stems from the flight to Delaware that had the press in a tumult yesterday but never materialized. Based on Twitter assertions, journalists flocked to the tarmac at Delaware Coastal Airport to capture the event.

The possibility of a few dozen immigrants brought to Biden’s doorstep drew more media interest than hundreds of thousands spread across the Texas border landscape.

The anti-climatic drama around this flight had the press perturbed. USA Today was bothered because based on the internet hype the outlet dispatched reporters and camera crews to airports in Texas and Florida. To properly underscore the melodramatics, the outlet said the non-news of the flight “sowed chaos across three states on Tuesday and brought public condemnation from the White House.” I would offer a brief edit to the coverage; “self-sowed chaos” would be a better description.

At the Miami Herald, the lack of a flight to become enraged about did not stop the paper from becoming enraged at Ron DeSantis. Today the paper decided that since this flight transporting migrants did not take place then that would become the reason to shriek in print at the governor. It turns out, according to the dependably dyspeptic demagogues at The Herald, that migrants in Texas have been “stranded” by Governor DeSantis.

The migrants didn’t know that they were being swept up in an operation that bore striking similarities to one organized the week before by operatives for Gov. Ron DeSantis that ended with 48 Venezuelan migrants dropped off on a Massachusetts island. They also didn’t know that an anonymous source close to DeSantis would suggest to NBC News that a planned charter flight from San Antonio to Delaware — that was destined for an airport not far from President Joe Biden’s summer home, according to flight records, and dominated cable news on Tuesday — was canceled without explanation.

Let’s follow along with their fractured logic. After roughly a week of wailing that DeSantis is a criminal, a human rights abuser, a kidnapper, and a vile politician for flying migrants across the country, today he is just as vile and worthy of scorn for not engaging in those immoral acts. In the article the Herald offers a video shot on Martha’s Vineyard where Domingo Garcia, of the League of United Latin American Citizens, referred to these flights as being political stunts, “and we want them to stop.

Now when DeSantis does not fly migrants out he is demonized anew, this time because he left migrants stranded? These people avoided inhumane treatment and did not have their human rights violated, to use the charges from the press this past week. This should be considered good news.

Meanwhile, the press in Delaware packed up and went back to their respective offices of the news outlets. They did not go to the border. The story of migrants near Biden’s home was important, not the flash flood of arrivals in Texas – which gets covered by Bill Melugin and angers Biden in the process.

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