One Trump Conspiracy Blew Up on the Left, Now They’re On to An Even Funnier One

I reported earlier about the nutty conspiracy theory that the left was going all in with on Sunday.

They saw a video that President Donald Trump had flown into Dulles Airport on a private plane. Now, Trump is flying all over the place and he’s frequently been in D.C. But that didn’t stop the left from going over the edge with their speculation. They theorized that because he was wearing golf shoes (they thought) that he’d been arrested and dragged off the golf course and was being taken into custody. There wasn’t any evidence to support any of this, but that didn’t stop the crazy from Twitter get going and soon “Trump in D.C.” was trending.

But as I noted they didn’t care about the facts or the fact that the journalist who took the video said that Trump was likely going to his golf course in Sterling, Virginia. Of course, that was right, as the media then reported.

You might think that they would have learned their lesson and realized how silly they were with their conspiracies. But if you thought that, you haven’t been watching all the conspiracies they’ve been spinning that have been nonsense for the past four years. Every time they’re wrong, they just make up a new one without even acknowledging that the last one was debunked.

So what could they cook up about Trump with people on a golf course? These are the same folks who think that Trump buried documents with Ivana’s body at the golf course. That’s how crazy some on the left are getting with their anti-Trump obsession. According to them, it’s a “secret meeting” between Trump and his “mob.”

Here’s “Duty to Warn” the group of “mental health professionals” who got together to “warn” about Trump.

Some even identified people in the picture as Sean Hannity, Devin Nunes, and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. None of those people were in the picture except in these people’s rabid imaginations. That’s how over the edge they are at this point.

Even Yashar Ali had to call out people going down this rabbit hole.

In other words, it was a meeting with Trump, Eric Trump (who is in charge of Trump golf), and golf officials at the club. That explains why one of them has the stakes with the orange flags — they’re likely marking off somewhere on the course that needs a change or has utilities. But why should the left accept the simple and obvious explanation when they could go off into their narrative about conspiracies and plots? That’s far too normal and boring for them to concentrate on.

But this kind of stuff needs to be called out and mocked. Enough is enough.

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