Ohio GOP Senate Candidates Face Off In Round Two

After Mandel accused Gibbons, verbal fireworks erupted after he claimed that Gibbons had “made millions” from stock in a Chinese firm. Gibbons dismissed Mandel’s accusations that he didn’t understand how investments work.
“You have never worked in the private sector your whole life.” Gibbons claimed that you don’t know anything.

Mandel shouted, “Two tours to Iraq,” after getting up from his chair and moving towards Gibbons. “Don’t tell my I haven’t worked!”

Gibbons replied, “Back off buddy, or else you’re going –” Gibbons replied, “You’re dealing the wrong man.”

Mandel replied, “No, you’re dealing the wrong guy.” “You just have to watch what happens.”

Although the debate moderators separated the two candidates physically, one candidate did utter an expletive, though it is not known who it was. After the debate, neither candidate admitted to using offensive and inappropriate language.

Venture capitalist J.D. is also on Friday’s stage. Vance, Jane Timken (ex-chair of the Ohio GOP), whose husband is the former Chairman, CEO, and president his family’s steel production corporation; and Matt Dolan (ex-county and state prosecutor, whose family owns Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Guardians).

“Sit down. During the Gibbons-Mandel faceoff, Vance stated “Come on.” This is absurd.

Vance, a veteran of the military, later accused Mandel, who was also a Marine Corps veteran, of being “disgraceful” because he claimed Mandel used the Marine Corps to play “political football.”

He said, “What a joke!”

On Saturday, Mandel said to the Cincinnati Enquirer that he was a Marine and a fighter. He will never give up on a fight.

Mandel answered the newspaper when asked if he would do it over again.

Mandel spoke shortly after Gibbons, Vance and Timken appeared at a pancake breakfast hosted in part by the Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club.

Gibbons joked that he had brought his old boxing coach to the event and they went for a few rounds. Both candidates were openly apologetic for the heated debate.

Gibbons claimed that Mandel is “unhinged, unfit and flailing” because he’s losing.

Fox News conducted a poll March 2-6 that showed Gibbons at 22% among like Republican primary voter. Mandel was at 20%, Vance was at 11%, Timken and Timken were at 9%, 7%, and almost a quarter of those surveyed undecided.

A few hours before the second debate began, 15 veterans supporting Mandel wrote an open letter expressing their dismay at Gibbons’ comments.

They wrote that Gibbons owed Josh and all veterans and current service members an apology. They claimed that Gibbons implied that “WE”, who had served our country faithfully and honorably, never got our way in the private sector. All of us volunteered to sacrifice our families and put our lives at risk so that Mike Gibbons could make millions.

Gibbons issued Monday a separate statement in which he expressed regret at the deaths of four American servicemen in a Norwegian plane crash. Gunnery Sergeant. James W. Speedy of Cambridge, Ohio.

Gibbons wrote that “this loss hits close to home” for him and other Ohioans. It also reminds them all how brave and valued each member of our armed force is.

The GOP primary is now a race to show support for Donald Trump, who is still the most popular and influential politician within the GOP. He plays a key role in the 2022 primaries of the party and teases another White House bid in 2024. Dolan is the only major contender, and all have touted their Trump credentials to win the support of the former president. Dolan has not yet endorsed in the race.

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