Pentagon Spox Says Threat Of Russia Sanctions Has Deterrent Effect

John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary, stated Sunday that the U.S. would not impose sanctions on Russia prior to any possible invasion of Ukraine. Kirby also stated that the threat of sanctions now has a “deterrent” effect.

Kirby however, readily admitted that current intelligence indicates Russia could invade the country “anyday now,” if it doesn’t already.

Kirby stated that “Fox News Sunday” is not currently considering a preemptive sanctions regime.

Kirby stated that imposing sanctions on Russia now would not achieve anything except to remove an arrow in the American quiver and give Russia more reasons to invade.

Kirby stated that if it is a deterrent, and it is used before the aggression or transgression occurs, it will lose its deterrent effect. “If you punish someone for something they haven’t done yet, they might as well just do it.” We believe that keeping them in reserve has a deterrent effect and have been clear with Mr. Putin and the international community about the severe economic consequences he could face.”

The deterrent is not working well despite that message. Kirby admitted that the Pentagon thinks an invasion may be imminent. He pointed out Russia’s continued accumulation of troops along the Belarus border that number over 100,000 and “a mosaic intelligence that we’re viewing” that suggested that “things were sort of building now to some kind of crescendo chance for Mr. Putin.”

Biden has warned Americans living in Ukraine about the possibility of an invasion and has made it clear that they must flee as soon as possible.

“This is the right time, if your American citizenship allows you to travel out of Ukraine. We believe that major military actions could occur in the next few days. It could even happen right now. You should not be in Ukraine right now. Make plans to leave as soon as possible

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