Longtime CNN Producer John Griffin Had Pickup Full Of Empty Wine Bottles In DUI Arrest

John Griffin, a long-serving CNN senior producer, crashed his pickup truck into another vehicle after he had eaten at a Killington hibachi restaurant. He was allegedly drunk while driving down a mountainside two-lane road, according to court records.

According to the responding officer he denied ever drinking but failed a field sobriety exam. A towing company discovered empty bottles of wine in his truck.

It took place approximately a month after he was seized by police in a child trafficking probe. The case was brought to the attention of federal prosecutors last week.

A Vermont state trooper responded at 6 p.m. to a report of a collision between two vehicles on Route 100 in Plymouth. He was about 13 miles from the $2 million ski-in/ski-out cabin where he is accused of inviting minor girls and women to commit sex crimes.

Griffin was a Massachusetts resident who had crashed his 2020 Chevy Silverado into a vehicle that was carrying two people. She met Griffin. He claimed he was returning from Killington’s Sushi Yoshi restaurant, where he had eaten alone. He denied ever having drunk any alcohol.

The trooper was told by a passenger in another vehicle that Griffin was intoxicated. He could smell the alcohol on his breath.

According to the incident, the driver of the other vehicle attempted to turn left, while Griffin attempted to pass on her left side simultaneously. According to the responding trooper, Griffin crashed into the driver’s side of the vehicle and the driver offered money to help her get away from the police.

Griffin stated to the officer that he was going to pass on the right, crossing the double yellow lines. However, the vehicle then moved towards the shoulder and turned left in front. Griffin also stated to me that if he felt unsafe driving, I could follow his home to Ludlow,” wrote the trooper in the report. “I told Griffin I wouldn’t be doing that.”

According to the state police report, Griffin was exhibiting a moderate alcohol odor and had watery eyes. Although his speech was normal, a handwritten note in the margin indicated that he gave “short answers.” He also had a “flush-red face.”

Griffin failed the field sobriety exam. He was placed in handcuffs by the trooper. After arriving at Rutland State Police Barracks, he refused to take a Breathalyzer. The trooper observed that Griffin was “talkative”, “cooperative” as well as “polite” throughout their encounter.

Later, he pleaded guilty to grossly negligent operation. He argued that Vermont’s coronavirus travel quarantine of 14 days at the time “would present a significant hardship” since he was a Connecticut resident. He also agreed that he would pay restitution.

He signed an affidavit to the court stating that he agreed that he operated a motor car on a public highway on October 11, 2020, in a grossly negligent way.

He admitted that he still drank while he was in court for the federal child trafficking cases via Zoom in U.S District Court in Connecticut. Robert Spector, the Magistrate, asked him if he’d ever used drugs or alcohol within the past 24 hours. Griffin responded, “Yes, your honor.” “I’m certain it was long enough ago, and I am now bone-dry sober.”

Sources told Fox News that Griffin and his wife split up last year, but they were still trying to reconcile their marriage. Sources said that Griffin had been a heavy drinker in Connecticut and was known to have gone to rehab.

After his arrest, CNN fired Chris Cuomo’s former producer. A spokesperson for the company said that they had no knowledge about the allegations. David Kirby, his lawyer, declined to comment.

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