BLM Plans To Riot Near The Del Rio Bridge

Black Lives Matter has been out protesting quite a lot recently and has even started to riot against some of the COVID-19 vaccine mandates being instilled in New York.

An incident at an Italian Restaurant blew out of proportion when a party was refusing to provide the hostess with their proof of COVID-19 vaccination. She even suggested that one of the passports was fake. The organization continues to claim that the city’s vaccine passport is racist and will hurt Black communities the most. Even though the Biden campaign bowed down to the BLM mob last year, it’s clear that they are just anti-government and ready to riot whenever they can.

The restaurant, however, argued that the BLM-led violence had nothing to do with race or vaccine passports. They said that the group launched an “entirely unprovoked, brutal attack on our hosts” and have demanded that their restaurant be “canceled” over the event.

BLM is even planning to riot near the Del Rio-Acuna International Bridge after seeing the more than 15,000 Haitian migrants camping under there. The Biden administration is now moving out of the Haitian migrant camp, as it is creating “bad optics” and drawing scrutiny to the President’s ability to handle illegal immigration.

“They want those people out from under that bridge so they can’t be seen anymore. It’s an optics thing. They are moving them around for process and release. They’re going to have everyone at the bridge gone in the next two days,” one Department of Homeland Security official said.

According to the department, roughly 3,000-5,000 non-citizens are being deported and about 4,000 are still under the bridge. They note that approximately two-thirds of the people who lived under the bridge will not be removed from the country. The Biden administration is also attempting one to three flights daily, but some have not been taking off on time due to assault from passengers against the onboard federal officers.

The remaining 10,000 to 12,000 people will be released into the county, with most of them being sent to San Antonio, a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Del Rio. Security officials add that everything is happening in “such a rush” because they don’t want to rile up BLM at the time of the protest and are hoping to avoid a chaotic scene. They add that most of the migrants are just being moved from one part of the bridge to another area and are just being pushed out the door of Border Patrol stations and instructed to self-report to an ICE office in the coming weeks.

Officials said it’s getting harder to move people around as they are “getting aggressive,” adding that all women who claim to be pregnant will be released. They will not be asked to complete a pregnancy test to verify their claims and they will have no legal requirement to show up to an ICE office. According to the ICE office, those who fail to report will not be a priority for deportation down the road. Border patrol agents even said that they don’t have many identification documents, to begin with.

It’s been clear from the start that BLM wants to fight all policies, Democratic and Republican. They are anti-government and anti-American, wanting every institution and system in the country to crumble. The Biden Administration must regret bowing down to the BLM mob all last year since they are adding to the stack of crises already at hand. Who would’ve seen this coming? Everyone except the Democrats.

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