Delta Wants To Make One Massive No-Fly List For Mask-Hating Passengers

Delta Air Lines recently joined the list of ‘woke’ companies requiring the COVID-19 vaccine mandate, even subjecting all unvaccinated employees to a $200 monthly surcharge. While Chief Health Officer Henry Ting said they haven’t seen a rise in employee turnover yet, Delta has become the first major U.S employer to levy a penalty. This comes shortly after President Joe Biden announced a federal vaccine mandate.

Delta has also announced that they’ve had a number of unruly airline passengers since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, even admitting that they now have over 1,600 people on their No-Fly list due to “unruly behavior.” The unruly behavior has been attributed to instances where people are not following the COVID-19 protocols, such as not wearing a mask while traveling.

Delta said they’ve submitted over 600 banned names to the Federal Aviation Administration as part of the agency’s “Special Emphasis Enforcement Program.” The FAA has compiled nearly 4,300 unruly passenger reports already this year. Senior vice president of in-flight services at Delta, Kristen Manion Taylor said they are hoping other air carriers also share their No Fly information.

“We’ve also asked other airlines to share their “no-fly” list to further protect airline employees across the industry – something we know is top of mind for you as well. A list of banned customers doesn’t work as well if that customer can fly with another airline,” Taylor said.

There has been a U.S House of Representatives Committee on Transportation hearing scheduled, where members will listen in on the effects of air rage on workers, airlines, and airports. Delta said they have offered their workers and flight attendants mental health coaching, peer support, and 24/7 assistance in dealing with the stress and dangers of angry passengers. Many passengers have been getting upset over being fully masked during their flight, with the exception of eating food or drinking a beverage.

Sara Nelson, the president of the Association of Flight Attendants Union, added her support of a collaborative no-fly list and warned in a Thursday hearing that if they continue at that rate, there will be more incidents in 2021 than in the “entire history of aviation.” American Airlines flight attendant Teddy Andrews also testified that a passenger called him a racial slur after asking the person to put on their mask, adding how flight attendants have become the “target” for all kinds of frustration that some people are feeling.

People are no longer constrained by the rules of civilized behavior as Biden lashes out more vaccine mandates and orders. While this might seem like a good idea for flight attendants and airlines dealing with unruly passengers, it’s a bit like being declared guilty without a trial. More companies, providers, and corporations are trying to band together into one massive entity and in this case, it is the airline mafia thinking they should have a common list of people they don’t think should fly. The list would probably include political opponents and the “non-woke” real quick. As well as the unmasked and unvaccinated. That’s how it works.

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