‘Cops’ is Making a Comeback…

Over the last year, it seems that the cancel culture of the political left has taken our airwaves by storm. Anything and everything that represents or portrays something anti-liberal is cut down and fed to the masses as hogwash.

Unfortunately, the hardest-hit industry has been that of law enforcement. Due to the untimely death of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident George Floyd while in police custody, the political left has painted the entire industry as one based on evil and racist practices.

As a result, entire police forces have been defunded, department resources have been limited, and personnel has been restricted. In addition, how and what we see of law enforcement has changed, particularly when it comes to TV shows.

Programs like the ever-popular “Cops” were canceled in June of 2020, just before the start of its 33rd season, according to The Guardian. And even harmless shows like the children’s animated “Paw Patrol” were seen as a blight to our society.

According to the left, shows like these have glorified both police brutality and racism, and therefore shouldn’t be allowed.

Thankfully, it seems that madness is dying down a bit. Or maybe we are just getting smarter about how to keep it at bay.

Meet Jason Klarman, president of the streaming subscription service known as Fox Nation.

Klarman is determined to give shows like “Cops” a second chance, despite what liberal politicians, activists, or the media have to say about it. And so, he’s allowed the show to be part of his streaming service.

Beginning on October 1, “Cops” will return to television, albeit in a less accessible form. On that day, four new episodes will be made available on Fox Nation, and after that, a new one will be added each week. In total, the show will add 33 new episodes, as well as 15 reruns, to Fox Nation’s platform, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Now, naturally, some aren’t going to like the idea of having to pay for a subscription to watch one of their favorite shows. However, as Fox Nation is a subscription service, it doesn’t rely on ads or the revenue they can bring, which means they don’t need to constantly work to keep sponsors happy or manage outside pressure from those who may have a problem with one show or another.

And for “Cops” fans who are first responders, the incentive is even sweeter. Fox is currently offering a free one-year subscription to all first responders of Fox Nation. Additionally, for each new subscription made in the coming weeks, $5 of that will be donated to Answer the Call, a nonprofit created to help out families of NYC first responders who have lost their lives in service to the public.

As Klarman recently said about the show, he believes it will do well, particularly since a large part of their audience is comprised of “cops and first responders, and people from the military.” He says, adding it to a streaming service such as his just makes sense. That way, it’s not dependent on sponsors who may be overly political, isn’t being put out over the “free airwaves,” but is available to those who like the best.

He adds, “If you don’t like the show, don’t subscribe.”

It’s just that simple.

Klarman promises that the show will continue to show an “unvarnished” look at actual cops in action, just as it has done for the last 30 years.

However, given the racial tension in our society right now, Klarman has vowed to make sure that all races of people are included in the show and in fairly equal proportions. He says, “Part of our vetting process included a review of the offenders to be featured in the new season and ensuring that the shows would be representative of the entire population.”

To be clear, nothing about the show is changing. It’s just moving to a new venue, so to speak. Instead of being aired on a network that is far too easily swayed by politics, it will now be featured on one that’s impervious to whatever those who don’t like it may throw in its direction.

Welcome back, “Cops.”

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