Team Biden Falling into Chaos As His Staff Is Relieved Trump Immigration Laws Are Being Used

Joe Biden is slowly losing the support of his followers and blinded staff. What they thought would be a liberal parade for them has turned into an old man’s nightmare. Biden’s primary mission was to erase Donald Trump starting the first day of his being in office. And it did not matter what the fallout would be once all the protective barriers were removed.

Each issue that has come his way has ended up being a complete disaster. Afghanistan was a massive flop, and his attempts to get people to vaccinate have ended up causing division. But the southern border is the one issue causing even his staff and administration to pull away from him.

The explosive nature of the migrants running towards the border after Biden took over is directly linked to his horrible policies and the removal of Trump’s immigration security measures. Many on his private staff had felt a wave of relief when the Supreme Court ruled the “Remain in Mexico” program was to be reinstated. The number of illegals flowing over the border was beginning to scare them.

One report stated that “When the Supreme Court effectively revived a cornerstone of Trump-era migration policy late last month, it looked like a major defeat for President Biden. But among some Biden officials, the Supreme Court’s order was quietly greeted with something other than dismay, current and former officials said: It brought some measure of relief.”

The crazy president approved for the invaders to start their march to the border. He provided them with buses and allowed them to infiltrate deep into the interior of the country. And now that they are here, it will be next to impossible to get them out.

The number of illegals coming into the country has steadily increased since Biden has destroyed the border. Many of the illegal aliens marching over already have a criminal record. And those in hot pursuit of coming to the border have no intention of becoming legal citizens.

Biden’s administration and staff learned quickly that Trump’s way was the best, and they were considering starting up his regulations without the president’s approval.

The report went on to note that “In fact, some Biden officials were already talking about reviving Mr. Trump’s policy in a limited way to deter migration, said the officials, who have worked on immigration policy but were not authorized to speak publicly about the administration’s internal debates on the issue. Then the Supreme Court order came, providing the Biden administration with the political cover to adopt the policy in some form without provoking as much ire from Democrats who reviled Mr. Trump’s border policies.”

Biden also directed his people not to speak publicly about the matter. They could not discuss the border issue with anyone. Those that wanted to return to a more secure border were not allowed by their superiors to discuss the idea because it would have meant that Trump was right, and Biden was wrong again.

The reluctant Democrats will never admit that they are wrong most of the time. And that one time a year, they appear to be right is so messed up that no one can tell which direction they are to take.

Doris Meissner is the commissioner of the Immigration and Naturalization Service for the years 1993 to 2000. Meissner stated, “[The Biden administration] are backed into a corner on their broader immigration agenda. The only tools that are available in the near term are pretty much pure enforcement.”

The Department of Homeland Security arrested over 200,000 just in July. Chip Roy from Texas demanded that Biden be impeached because of what he has done to the border. The president has put the lives of every American in danger. Kids are in peril because the threat of being kidnapped has gone up. And adults are having their livelihood stripped away one piece at a time by many people who demand they hand it over to them.

The old man does not have anything left in him. He has expended too much of his energy signing his name to the number of executive orders he issued in the first six months of the year.

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