You Must Watch This! High School Teacher Brags About Indoctrinating Children to Become Anti-American Revolutionaries

A high school teacher from Sacramento, California has been caught on camera boasting about teaching their students all sorts of vile things. Teachers like this man want to teach children to hate Americans and they are beyond proud of their ability to do so. This teacher is happy to feed his students communist propaganda, when they are at an age where they cannot discern the difference between truth and lies.

They want to commit themselves to Antifa-based ideology because their teachers are the ones who are telling them that it is a good idea. Gabriel Gipe, the AP government teacher at Inderkum High School, was getting away with this before. Project Veritas is responsible for exposing him. Their undercover operations are crucial when it comes to bringing these types of stories to light.

Gipe is such a fool, he was willing to meet one of their reporters in a restaurant. He spilled his guts about all of the awful things that he teaches. He even told them that he is a member of the Sacramento Antifa chapter. “You need to retrain the way people think. Consistently focusing on education and a change of cultural propaganda, it’s like we have to hit both fronts. We have to convince people that this [Socialism] is what we actually need,” said Gipe.

Can you believe that Gipe is even giving out extra credit to children who are willing to go outside and participate in the mob destruction that they call “protesting”. In his words, activism is “so much more than sending a tweet”. Sadly, this is something that we agree with in principle but not the manner in which Gipe is going about it.

The leftists should partake in real activism, instead of property destruction. Unfortunately, these are the types of teachers who lead them astray. It’s a sad world that we live in when educators start to believe that this is their actual job. News flash: you are there to educate, not tell children what it is you personally think that they need to know.

Gipe went on to say that he feels as though he only has 180 days to turn the students into the revolutionaries that he thinks they need to be. “There is a reason why Generation Z, these kids, are becoming further and further left. I’m probably as far left as you can go,” he went on to say. That’s the understatement of the century, that is for sure.

The teachers also displays plenty of propaganda in the classroom because he feels like this provides them with the additional information that they need. The man is so dense, he’s put up a picture of Chairman Mao in the classroom. Do you think this liberal has the faintest idea of the amount of death and destruction that Mao is responsible for? No, he does not. This is all fun and games to him.

One teenager said that they did not like seeing the Antifa flag in the classroom because they were made to feel uncomfortable. In typical smarmy liberal fashion, he told the student that the flag was there to make them uncomfortable. This poor child was told that they are a fascist and that’s the only reason that they are so disturbed by the flag.

Here’s our thing when it comes to that. Has anyone ever had their mind changed by a smug liberal? These are the same people who think that they can convince people to get vaccinated by being really snotty to them. All this does is push people away and make them want to avoid you in the future.

You are not changing hearts and minds with this type of rhetoric. The video is a shocking watch, to say the least. You won’t be able to believe what you are seeing here. The public school system is no place for this type of behavior but here we are. Hopefully, Gipe is relieved of his duties immediately.

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