Now Is Not the Time to Be Centrist

What happened to Donald Trump in New York was wrong. There is no way around that fact. The idea that a political party can weaponize our justice system and prosecute a citizen who is politically inconvenient to them is the stuff of dictatorial governments. We used to look down out noses at those countries for their backward thinking. 

And yet, here we are. The Democrat just did it to Trump in order to either halt or complicate his road to the White House in 2024. 

This isn’t a small thing. If a political party can weaponize the justice system in order to protect its own interests and political power, then we’ve lost the Republic. There is no justice system, just an enforcement arm of the Democrat Party. This is a very big deal and yet, so many people on the Republican side of the aisle can’t seem to wrap their heads around what just happened. 

On Thursday night, I wrote about how Asa Hutchinson and Larry Hogan both urged the same thing, to accept the verdict whether we like it or not. 

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They were appropriately dragged for their remarks, but they aren’t the only ones calling for everyone to respect the conclusion of the trial despite the fact that the trial was put on by a kangaroo court powered by a very motivated political party whose battle cry is “by any means necessary.” This includes the College Republicans, who posted a ridiculous take from the passivity playbook. 

“Today’s convictions are the result of a politically motivated prosecution, but a verdict was handed down by jurors whose decisions were made in accordance with our criminal justice system,” posted the College Republicans on X. “As such, the outcome of this trial should be respected. Just like the decision of voters on November 5th.”

I want to reiterate something I said during the Hutchinson article. 

Now is not the time for centrism. Now is not the time to play the role of nice, calm Republican. 

Acceptance of this verdict isn’t respecting the rule of law. This court was a sham. The judge, the prosecution, and the case itself are all radical leftist creations hell bent on destroying a political opponent through lawfare and a weaponized justice system. This was rigged from the beginning. Nothing about this has anything to do with the rule of law as it should be in America. It might have taken place in America, and in an American courtroom, but what happened in that courtroom is far from being anything American. 

The only thing this verdict or this trial is worthy of is condemnation and reprisal. Republicans should be gearing up to bring Democrats to court left and right in order help them understand that playing with fire results in painful burns. 

Anything short of that is acceptance that Democrats have power and authority over you and this country. 

“Respecting the verdict” is surrender. 

There is no in between. 

Any Republican pushing for surrender needs to do one of two things. They either need to come out as Democrats right now or stop and think long and hard about what’s really at stake here, get some perspective, and come back with a fighting spirit. 

We tried to bipartisan nice guy act and it didn’t work. We’re up against opponents that aren’t interested in sharing power or respecting the rule of law, only taking advantage of it where they can in order to get their own way. The time of the bipartisan Republican is done. Democrats killed it in that courtroom. 

Make no mistake. Your country is on the line right now. If you want to keep the Republic, the last thing you’re going to do is accept the abuse of Democrats.

To those who do want to take a centrist approach to this, let me tell you in no uncertain terms that we are at a crossroads. While others might not be making a big deal out of it for various reasons, this is a moment that will live in infamy in America. You just witnessed a direct strike against your country, your values, and your system. Fight back. Don’t quietly accept this domination of you and your country by people who hate it and you. You are an American. Act like it. 

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