New Poll of New York Voters Shows Why Dems Were Freaking Out About Trump’s South Bronx Rally

We have to see how the polls start coming out in light of the verdict in former president Donald Trump’s hush-money trial. As we’ve noted, prior polling seemed to suggest it wouldn’t have an effect but we shall see. 

I think just like with the mugshot, former President Donald Trump should flip it and note that he’s “convicted” of fighting against the banana republic of Joe Biden. Democrats were desperate for the “convicted felon” label and flipping out about things like his rally in the South Bronx because he was just upending Biden in the polls. Their only hope is to smear Trump because Biden is such a visible mess. 

How much trouble is Joe Biden in with the polls? New York tells a pretty brutal tale. 

Biden in 2020 won New York by 23 points, as expected for such a deep blue state. But guess what the Emerson polling is showing now in New York? It’s now single digits. Biden was 7 points ahead in the head-to-head match-up 48 to 41 percent, and only 6 percent ahead 44 to 38 percent with the third-party candidates. 

Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling, noted that independents in New York are backing Trump by a significant margin.
“Independent voters in New York who traditionally vote for Democrats, according to exit polling, have flipped to lean toward Trump by a margin of ten points, 43% to 33%,” Kimball said in a statement. 

That’s a sign we’ve seen in other national polls – that independents are going heavily Trump and it’s true even in New York. 

Biden’s job approval in general in the poll of the deep blue state was underwater by a lot, 11 points, at  39 to 50 percent. 

This is why Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and other Democrats were flipping out. If the polls are moving from 23 points to seven in New York, that’s incredible, and what must they be doing elsewhere?

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Now let’s add a little more. Here’s what FiveThirtyEight has. 

The Decision Desk included chances of winning in that post are also brutal. 

As I’ve written before, you even have New Hampshire, Virginia, and Minnesota possibly in play, if the current polls are accurate. There are many avenues for Trump to 270, but Biden’s possibilities seem to be shrinking rapidly. 

No wonder Democrats have to pin their hopes on lawfare because, otherwise, it’s looking pretty darn grim for Biden. 

Now, I have no illusions. The verdict may scare some away from Trump, but that was part of the point. Media will repeat that narrative ad infinitum. But the verdict is also moving people to vote for Trump when they see how far the system has been perverted, as I wrote earlier. It’s prompting incredible donations like the man who donated $300,000, Shaun Maguire, and even Robert F. Kennedy Jr. saying you can’t claim to be saving democracy by first destroying it. 

People are getting it and we’ll see in future polls that include the verdict how that holds up. But everything the Democrats have done so far has backfired on them. 


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