Biden Angers Catholics With Sacrilegious Motion, Gross Comment About the Bible at FL Abortion Rally

Joe Biden is fond of saying that he’s Catholic and he frequently attends mass. 

But that doesn’t seem to have taught him much in terms of the Church’s theology. Usually, I wouldn’t talk much about anyone’s religious belief except for the fact that he’s constantly pushing his “devoutness” — while lying and promoting abortion, which is against basic Church teaching.

I wrote previously about how he flew to Tampa on Tuesday to speak about abortion and try to whip up that issue to help the Democrats in Florida where they are in trouble. As I wrote, he thinks they might have a chance there because of the issue of abortion. 


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But what Biden did in Florida during the rally is now making a lot of waves with Catholics, and they vote too in Florida. Many are calling what he did offensive and/or sacrilegious. Catholic Vote reported that Biden made a Sign of the Cross while promoting abortion and while criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for pushing for more restrictions on abortion. 

Catholic Vote called Biden’s action “VILE” and said Biden could not “invoke GOD and promote Death.” 

Catholic Vote President Brian Burch said Biden’s action showed that he was either “senile,’ “naive,” or “indifferent” to foundational beliefs.  

“Biden’s decision to make the Sign of the Cross in support of abortion extremism is a despicable charade that attempts to co-opt a sacred practice in support of his new abortion religion. His gesture openly mocks the Christian belief in the sanctity of life. There is no divine support for destroying the lives of innocent children, and he should know better. Biden’s gesture suggests he is either terribly naive, or senile, or callously indifferent to the foundational beliefs of millions of Christians in America.”

Biden keeps finding a way to go lower. He wasn’t even finished yet. He was again trying to attack former President Donald Trump, making up things and making a gross comment about the Bible as well. 

Yes, I think that’s part of the problem — he doesn’t really know or understand what’s in the Bible or what the Church teaches him. He tries to mock Trump but really ends up mocking himself. He sits in the pew but hasn’t absorbed it. Because if he did, he wouldn’t act this way. 

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As we’ve noted, there has been some criticism of him by officials in the Church including from Washington, D.C. Cardinal Wilton Gregory who called him a “cafeteria Catholic.” But they haven’t kept his feet to the fire on this and he’s continued to promote abortion while being fully welcome in his local church. 

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