NEW: 25-Year Editor Who Exposed NPR Suspended, Radical CEO Has More Shocking Posts Surface

NPR appeared to be in full damage-control mode on Tuesday morning after it was announced that the network had suspended Uri Berliner, the 25-year veteran at the outlet who recently exposed its systemic bias. 

A week before his suspension, Berliner released an essay detailing his experiences in the newsroom, including the purposeful censorship and manipulation of stories surrounding the origins of COVID-19, the Hunter Biden laptop, and the Russian collusion hoax. It was an eye-opening read that showed just how thoroughly NPR, once a center-left publication, had been taken over by a monolith of far-left radicals. 

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Things escalated in the days following Berliner’s article when NPR decided to double down on its obsession with DEI at the expense of reporting the news accurately and fairly. Far from admitting its newsroom had become a bubble of left-wing groupthink, the outlet reiterated that racial makeup was more important than unbiased viewpoint diversity. Katherine Maher, the outlet’s new CEO, also put her stamp of approval on the statements from the news chief and others.

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That wasn’t the end of it, though. Amidst the debate over NPR’s far-left bias, Maher’s old social media posts began to surface, and they were shocking

Since then, more of her old posts have been dug up. 

Is it any wonder NPR moved to suspend Berliner when someone like Maher is at the helm? For an outlet that has been hemorrhaging readers and listeners to then go out and hire an even more radical CEO seems suicidal for the outlet. It’s what one would expect, though. When the far-left takes over an institution, results no longer factor. Only a lock-step dedication to the chosen narrative matters. 

Maher, being your typical leftist who is fully committed to racial grievance politics, fits that mold perfectly. Instead of changing course, NPR has chosen self-destruction, and that’s what it will receive.

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  1. Now is not the time for the House GOP to self-distruct. When you have slim majority you can not fight the good fight. I personally do not agree with Speaker Johnson’s recent change of direction. All he had to do was refuse to bring the Senate’s bills to the House floor. Why didn’t he? The American people deserve to know!!!! President Trump what do you say?

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