American Takes Shot at Australia’s Gun Laws Following Stabbing Massacre

A lot of people in other countries feel perfectly justified in taking shots at American gun laws despite absolutely nothing here impacting them. They got the laws they want and rather than just be happy with that, they demand we follow their “lead.”

Which, of course, means Americans have every justification for lashing out at other nations’ gun laws, which I’ve done.

Take the stabbing attack in Sydney this weekend that left six people dead and a dozen injured. I talked a bit about that, especially when the prime minister said possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard someone say about gun laws.

But I’m not the only one who offered their opinions, and at least one person on Twitter made headlines over it.

American far-right personality Tara Bull said Cauchi’s stabbing spree was why she believed in allowing people to carry concealed weapons in public places. 
‘This is why I believe in concealed carry,’ she wrote in a lengthy statement on X. 
‘How many would’ve survived if there was a good guy with a gun? Self-defence and self-preservation are human rights.’
However, many leapt to defend Australia’s strict gun laws which were introduced after 35 people were killed by a lone shooter in the Port Arthur massacre of 1996.
We gave up our guns so this guy couldn’t kill 60 people instead of 6,’ one wrote. 
‘We’re glad we did.’
‘Have you heard of a little place called the United States. This experiment has been tried and is failing miserably,’ a second said. 
‘No, we gave up guns so we could save lives,’ a third shared.

Here’s the thing, though. Bull is right.

Australia did, in fact, pass numerous gun control laws after the Port Arthur massacre and no, this guy didn’t kill 60.

But it’s hilarious that they think this is some kind of an own. As noted in my piece Monday morning linked above, I noted that the Club Q shooter, equipped with the evil AR-15, only killed five people. A guy with a knife killed more than a dude with an AR-15.

It seems to me that claiming he couldn’t have killed 60 or hundreds, as the prime minister claimed, is a ridiculous attempt to deflect.

What we do know is that a cop put the animal down before he could hurt anyone else, but that Australia’s gun laws meant that no one else was in a position to do so. Had Inspector Amy Scott not been on hand to act, how many others might have been murdered? Bull is absolutely right to point out that with concealed carry, there’s a chance someone else could be available to intervene.

You can’t prevent massacres with laws. You can’t stop bad people from doing bad things.

After all, Sydney had yet another high-profile knife attack Monday evening Australia’s time when a bishop preaching was approached and attacked. The congregation responded quickly, subduing the alleged attacker.

Violence lurks in the hearts of some men. Laws against stabbing people aren’t going to stop them just like gun control laws didn’t stop them.

Bull called out the bull. Good on her.

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