Dem Rep. Gottheimer: ‘Critical’ to Note Hamas Is Still Attacking Israel by Launching Rockets at Them

On Friday’s broadcast of “CNN NewsNight,” Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) stated that we should point out that Hamas is still attacking Israel by launching rockets at it.

Gottheimer stated, “I think there [are] a couple of facts we have to look at: One, you saw Israel take responsibility for that tragedy…by firing the general and holding others accountable. I think [those were] the right steps to take and the right action. I think the key we all need to focus on now is making sure that we can get to that temporary pause, that we can get the hostages freed, because remember, not only did Hamas kill more than 40 Americans, but they still have Americans that are hostage now…and part of what I was focused on these last days in Qatar and Egypt was, what are we doing to get the hostages home? And of course, how do we get more humanitarian aid, urgently, into Gaza? To me, those are the two major actions, and Israel, of course, is still dealing with rockets being fired into Israel. So, that’s in the reporting, I think critical to make a point of as well, if you had — Hamas attacked Israel, Israel is still dealing with rockets coming in, and, of course, you’re dealing with an ongoing conflict where Hamas has said they will do it a second and third and fourth time until Israel’s destroyed from the river to the sea and all the Jews are killed. So, there are certain facts that are a backdrop here that I think that — to try to paint a fuller picture.”

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