Can You Believe This: Lori Lightfoot Being Considered to Investigate Mayor Some Call ‘Worst in America’

We reported earlier in the week on what the citizens were going through in Dolton, Illinois, dealing with their mayor, who some have termed the “worst mayor in America,” Tiffany Henyard. They had a wild meeting where only some of the citizens were allowed in leaving many others angry outside and some pounding on the windows. 

There are multiple alleged scandals, but the main one involves a trip to Las Vegas where a former assistant believes she was sexually assaulted by an unnamed trustee. She told Henyard and then she was terminated and action was also allegedly taken against a police officer who had knowledge of the incident. The state Department of Human Rights is looking into two complaints filed in that matter already. 

The FBI is supposedly looking into some of the alleged misuse of funds. 

Obviously, the town is dealing with a lot. But the move they reportedly are about to make to help get to the bottom of it all is something else and I don’t think it’s going to help them much: They are reportedly voting on Monday to appoint former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to look into everything as a “legislative counsel” for $400/hour. They apparently think she would be good because she was a former mayor and federal prosecutor. 

Seriously? I get that thought about her background, but were they paying attention to how she performed her job as Mayor? Lightfoot knows a lot about horrible mayors because she was one. Plus $400/hour to look into things like misuse of funds? How much do you want to bet they’re going to regret this decision and wonder about the use of that money? If you were trying to make a bad choice, I’m not sure you could do better than Lightfoot. 

Who can forget “Rules for thee, but not for me” Lightfoot, how Chicago citizens had to stay home during the pandemic, but she could get a haircut because she had to look good? 

Who can forget these pearls of wisdom? 

Warning for graphic language: 

And let’s not forget this: 

That’s just a small sample of fun times with Lightfoot, there were many, many more. 

She lost her race for reelection – badly, in a landslide – last year, although the guy Chicago replaced her with is no prize either. 

I hope before they take the vote on Monday they reconsider and get someone who is a credible investigator to be able to ferret through all this stuff. 

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