Could Russia Have Averted the Moscow Concert Hall Attack?

After news broke of the horrific ISIS-K attack on the Crocus Concert Hall in Moscow on March 22nd, there were reports that the U.S. had provided intelligence ahead of the attack.


Putin Is Left With Egg on His Face After ISIS Provides Evidence It Carried Out the Moscow Attack

Despite ISIS Claim of Responsibility, Russia Blames Ukraine for Concert Hall Attack

On Sunday, former CENTCOM commander General Frank McKenzie joined Martha Raddatz on ABC News’ “This Week” to discuss the attack and affirm his belief that it could, in fact, have been averted had Russia heeded the warnings. 

From their exchange: 

Russian President Vladimir Putin, of course, likely won’t acknowledge the warnings or that they were specific enough to have averted the attacks. As noted above, Putin appeared more interested in blaming Ukraine and/or the CIA. Still, the credible assertions that warnings were given isn’t a good look for Putin or his government and are likely to sow some doubt among his constituents. 

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