Anti-Israel Activists Disrupt Easter Vigil Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Find Out That’s a Bad Idea

Joe Biden isn’t the only one who doesn’t seem to understand what Easter is about and doesn’t respect the holiest day of the Christian calendar, as we noted when his White House banned anything religious from the Easter Egg Design contest and issued a proclamation on Good Friday declaring Easter Sunday “Transgender Visibility Day.” 


White House Forbids Kids From Using ‘Religious’ Symbols/Themes in Easter Egg Contest

Biden’s Special Proclamation for Easter Sunday Isn’t About Easter – It’s About Transgender Visibility Day

Thousands of anti-Israel activists protested in Times Square on Saturday, then some of them went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to disrupt the Easter vigil mass being held on Saturday afternoon. 

According to the report, at least some of the protesters were with Extinction Rebellion, NYC’s Palestinian Solidarity group. They carried a flag with an olive tree and the words “SILENCE = DEATH” written across it. In the middle of the Second Reading, they swarmed forward and unfurled their flag. Others began to scream, “Free Palestine!” 

People who appeared to be security then grabbed the activists with the flag and wrestled them out of the church. They then had to grab others who were shouting, “Free Palestine.” The security wasn’t having any of this, especially on Easter. At least one of the activists appears to have gotten detained by someone who appeared to be a police officer. 

These people are ridiculous narcissists, what do they think protesting in St. Patrick’s is going to do? Why would parishioners think that anyone would have any sympathy for their cause, particularly after you disrupt their mass on the holiest day of the Christian year? 

But you don’t convince anyone with this kind of a move, you only look more like the radical you are when you wouldn’t respect the mass. 

Many slammed their actions on X, saying they should never be disrupting a church service, much less on Easter. Many said this made their support for Israel and against these activists even stronger. 

NY City Council Republican leader Joe Borelli asked a good question: Will they be held accountable in any way for these bad actions by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg? 

I wouldn’t bet on it, although perhaps the attention might put Bragg on the spot to do something. 

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