KJP Clueless As NC Officials Demand Answers From Biden on Illegal Alien Allegedly on Terror Watchlist

North Carolina officials are demanding answers from Joe Biden about an illegal alien who was allegedly on a terrorist watchlist who was involved in a shooting and barricade incident on March 11. 

The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald reported that Hagos was arrested after a four-hour standoff with Gates County sheriff’s deputies after allegedly firing shots outside the Quick Stop convenience store in Eure, where he worked, and allegedly trying to take a deputy’s gun while being arrested.

Hagos overstayed on a non-immigrant visa, making him illegal, as our sister site Townhall observed.

Hagos was charged with three counts of assault on a government official, three counts of resisting a public officer, and one count of carrying a concealed weapon. 

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson demanded answers at a press conference.

Robinson argued that the state’s 12 deputies should never have had to be involved with the “violent illegal immigrant” in the first place, blaming Biden’s open border policies. In a letter, the Republican is demanding the Biden Administration to take accountability for dangers and threats his state has endured. 
“I called on President Biden to give immediate answers,” Robinson said during a press conference. “How did Hagos enter the United States? How did Hagos get to North Carolina? Did he travel by air, interstate, or rail? Are there other places that he’s been in our state that he’s traveled to or through, and should those areas be on alert?”
Robinson pointed out that Hagos was living just an hour outside of several military installations in both North Carolina and Virginia, stressing the need to know if the illegal alien has any terrorist ties. 

It’s worth noting that Gates County isn’t too far from Virginia Beach, which is obviously a high-value military target, and we also have two Marine Corps installations within about an hour’s drive (Lejeune and Havelock) – and Blackwater is headquartered in this area. 

Robinson and other North Carolina officials also demanded to know in a formal letter why Hagos was on the terrorist watch list and if there was anyone connected to him in North Carolina, saying they deserved answers to the questions. He noted Hagos was from an area near Yemen (Eritrea) which is a “hotbed” of anti-American terrorist activity. 

When White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about Hagos by reporters, she was completely clueless and had no answers about the report. 

Robinson called that response “unacceptable.”

That response is typical of Biden and his team. They have no answers when confronted by the failure of their actions. They have nothing to say. This is just one example, but it’s a big one showing how out of control this problem has become. How many other people on the terrorist watchlist are here? Does the Biden team even know? More importantly, do they even care? 

It doesn’t sound like it, from their failure to do their job. 

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