N.J. Threat Assessment Riddled With Extreme Bias

This is a difficult topic to cover. The situation is one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t ones. I remember sitting in an English class in college many moons ago and my ultra-leftist pinko professor was talking about George W. Bush and how he stated, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,” in relation to the war on terror. She said that the statement was simply not true and that there was an overlooked middle ground. Unfortunately during today’s conversation, the establishment has nuked the middle ground and prefers there to be zero discourse. The 2024 “Threat Assessment” from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness was finished last month, it is riddled with bias, and they scaffolded their information so it’s not challengeable.

Little did I realize back in the early days of the war on terror that my professor was not wrong. She wasn’t really right either. What was important about the atmosphere in a post-9/11 world was there was much less decisiveness. At that time I had recently returned from being on a ship that delivered arms from Florida, through the canal, to the Northern Mariana Islands. We were then presented with the new war on terror in March of 2003. I could not understand how this woman was not “with us,” and why she would bring Bush’s words up several years later. That far-leftist professor would be a conservative by today’s standards, and she taught me many valuable lessons about optics – without her even knowing it.

Reading through this 2024 Threat Assessment, you’d think we’re dealing with a near-apocalyptic situation in the Garden State. If you really read into and take in the information, you’ll find that you’re presented with nothing but a bunch of stuff mostly outside of New Jersey.

I think it’s important to highlight that in no way am I advocating for hate groups, bias, intimidation, or violence in any way. And this is where “they” get you, because simply by talking about this, the establishment will paint someone as being “against us.” I can be against the haters, actions, and events while simultaneously saying the New Jersey establishment is playing spin doctor with the optics.

“The sudden and tragic loss of life since the start of the October 7 Israel-HAMAS conflict, along with its stateside ripple effects on extremism, serves as a stark reminder that we can never be too prepared, informed, or vigilant,” Laurie R. Doran, the Director of NJOHS, opened in the foreword of the report. “NJOHSP remains dedicated to countering and mitigating terrorism, foreign intelligence, and cyber threats while adapting to a dynamic threat landscape amid the ever-increasing capabilities of threat actors.”

Looking ahead to 2024, NJOHSP analysts identify homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) and white racially motivated extremists (WRMEs) as the highest threats to New Jersey. While the threat from HAMAS and other foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) is low, HVEs, inspired by these groups, may be motivated by global conflicts to plan or execute attacks in the U.S.
Domestic extremists, including WRMEs, may exploit the upcoming presidential election to amplify their ideologies and commit acts of violence, focusing on soft targets like mass gatherings and critical infrastructure. 
Here in our home state, a collaborative effort between NJOHSP detectives and analysts led to the March arrest of a Toms River (Ocean County) domestic extremist who attacked individuals attending a January 2023 anti-racism concert at a church in Asbury Park (Monmouth County). There is also a possibility that domestic extremists will follow the emerging trend of threatening government officials.

Doran makes it sound like New Jersey is riddled with neoNazis, running around committing bias and hate crimes through all the counties. The report that the NJOHSP produced tries to do the same, but if you read between the lines, we can see the entire preamble was artfully crafted to push an agenda and ideology.

The extremists in New Jersey’s government agencies are already making the upcoming election out to be a “thing.” News flash, the election is going to be a thing, but is it going to be a white thing? Is it going to be all about “white racially motivated extremists” committing acts?

The report pegs “homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) and white racially motivated extremists (WRMEs) as the highest threats to New Jersey,” but on what basis? “Over the last five years, 37 percent of HVE attacks and plots occurred in New Jersey and its surrounding states, further highlighting the sustained threat to this region,” the report touts. Weasel word alert, “occurred in New Jersey and its surrounding states.”

Of the HVEs mentioned as examples in the early part of the report, only two out of the eight involved people in New Jersey. From all accounts, none – maybe one – of the people involved in those instances were white.

The following organizations were listed as whom the individuals sympathized with or aligned with:

  • Katibat al Tawhid wal Jihad, a Syrian-based group affiliated with al-Qa’ida (AQ)
  • the Taliban
  • ISIS and al-Qa’ida
  • al-Shabaab in Somalia
  • Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham
  • ISIS and Sayfullo Saipov
  • ISIS
  • al-Qa’ida-affiliated group, Katibat al Tawhid wal Jihad

There’s probably a different description that could be used to describe all the HVEs mentioned, but that would not fit into N.J.’s DEI rubric and go against our own Sharia Law of political correctness.

The report looked into WRMEs Dedicated to Harassment and Attacks on Soft Targets. Of the instances that were brought up, one arrest for online harassment/death threats was made in New Jersey. The other three arrests occurred in Alaska, Texas, and Florida. One of the instances of WRMEs was committed by a non-white person.

Looking at the Domestic Terrorism Overview, we have more instances of violence and arrests. Of the 16 or so arrests the report mentions, only one involved someone in New Jersey.

Perhaps the most inflammatory thing in the report is an insinuation that was made. The section named Domestic Extremists Leverage Intimidation Tactics connects dissimilar things. Somehow, one is related to the other. The section opens by stating, “Domestic extremists with varying ideologies will participate in counterprotest demonstrations, engage in doxxing campaigns, and vandalize public and private property.” And the priming section continues by stating, “Rather than conduct lethal attacks, supporters have relied on these tactics to motivate others to engage in similar criminal activities.”

From that description of intimidation tactics, we have the following:

In October, approximately 25 members of the National Socialist Club (NSC-131), a New England-based neoNazi group, demonstrated outside the Massachusetts governor’s home to protest immigration. Supporters chanted, “New England is ours; the rest must go.” In July, five members of Patriot Front, a white racially motivated extremist group, were convicted of conspiracy to riot when members from approximately 10 states were arrested in June 2022, for planning to intimidate participants at an Idaho Pride event. Police discovered riot gear, a smoke grenade, shin guards, and shields after pulling over and searching their van. Officials have prosecuted the 31 members in smaller batches, citing the difficulties of having them all in one courtroom. In April, over a dozen NSC-131 supporters held a rally in Portland, Maine, making Nazi salute gestures while holding a banner that read, “Defend White Communities.” The rally concluded with a physical altercation between demonstrators and counter-protesters.

Did you see what they did there? This section of the report opens by talking about neoNazis and them holding a “demonstration.” They chanted “New England is ours; the rest must go,” outside the governor’s home. Then the report lists off all these other unrelated acts of violence.

Somehow in the midst of everything that’s been going on, having a demonstration or holding a protest outside the governor’s home is being presented as a threat itself.

In New Jersey, when gutless Governor Phil Murphy was dealing with protesters outside his home during a time when his draconian measures were put in place, he had the police round them up and get rid of them – in a very unconstitutional manner. When these governors engage in policy that the people are unhappy with, they should be 100% subjected to protest outside their homes, their offices, and favorite restaurants – especially if the restaurant is only open due to a carve-out by the governor because it’s his favorite.

The governor of Massachusetts has adopted some very dangerous policies concerning illegal immigrants, and you don’t have to be a neoNazi to be unhappy with her decisions. But the authors of the report paired the neoNazis who were engaged in a legitimate exercise of their First Amendment rights with other alleged white supremacists who committed acts of violence when they are not the same. 

I’m not going to play by play the entire 68-page report, but here are some other claims made that I think we all need to pay attention to:

  • In 2024, domestic extremists – primarily anarchist, anti-government, and racially motivated – will exploit the presidential election to amplify their hostility towards social and economic policies, immigration, and ethnic and religious minorities.
  • In 2024, al-Qa’ida (AQ) will promote its alleged network of global members and spotlight the successes of its affiliates’ operations to emphasize its influence and commitment to attacks despite its reduced activity in the Middle East and the United States.
  • Domestic extremists will use social media and encrypted messaging platforms to share tactics, recruit and provide encouragement, and obtain guidance on target selection prior to selecting and attacking critical infrastructure.
  • Through transnational repression, foreign actors are actively targeting their political opponents, dissidents, journalists, and others living in the U.S. to silence their activities and coerce compliance.

That’s an eerie list of upcoming headlines from our government-controlled media. Anyone they deem to be “anti-government” is going to be subject to these terrorism allegations. Social media is being called into play too. And, one strange bit where “foreign” actors are blamed for chilling the opposition, while in reality it’s just as much the U.S. progressive cabal.

The report, at first glance, makes it look like New Jersey is in bad shape when it comes to the things being discussed here. Headlines in the news are taking this narrative and running with it, such as this Patch story, “Domestic Terror Poses Greatest Threat To NJ, Homeland Security Says.”

NEW JERSEY – Homegrown violent extremists and white supremacists are the largest threat to the state in 2024, surpassing foreign terror organizations, anarchists and more, according to a new report from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness.

Odd enough, the gross majority of the activity cited occurred outside of New Jersey. I’m all about being vigilant. I’m very much a secure borders kind of guy. I’m not an advocate of people or groups committing violent acts. What I will do is call some BS when I see it. 

To me, this looks like a “I told you so” playbook, where agencies are going to be able to pound allegations into whatever narrative they see fit. They may point to “homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) and white racially motivated extremists (WRMEs) as the highest threats to New Jersey,” but the situations they cite do not support that claim. Speak out against this and be assured you’ll be greeted with, “Either you are with us, or you are with the” terrorists or racists or sexist or…

Laure R. Doran did note that ”we can never be too prepared, informed, or vigilant,” in her forward to the report. She was discussing the “Israel-HAMAS conflict” at that point. Noticeably absent from her list was suggesting for the people of New Jersey to get trained and be armed. That of course would go against the narrative and make too much sense.

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