Netanyahu Serves Up a Brutal Dish of Reality to Schumer, Biden and Dems Talking Smack Against Him

As we have reported, Democrats have been throwing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the bus. They seem to be so desperate to appeal to the folks on the left in their party that they’ve lost the plot when it comes to Israel. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called for regime change against Netanyahu. Joe Biden called it a “good” speech, that Netanyahu was hurting more than helping, and there were reports that his White House was trying to force Netanyahu out. Then, on Sunday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) also talked smack against him, claiming that he’d interfered in our elections in a bizarre attack when, indeed, it was the Obama administration that had interfered in Israeli elections against Netanyahu. 

It shows how all they truly care about is winning and that they don’t give a darn about supporting our allies appropriately right in the middle of a war as they take on Hamas. 

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But Netanyahu had a few things to say about the situation and the Democrats in response during an interview with Pete Hegseth on “Fox and Friends.” 

He explained that Israel wasn’t going to back off on going into Rafah and that the only thing that has made Hamas release hostages is continued military pressure. He said that they had destroyed 19 of Hamas’ 24 battalions and that asking them not to go into Rafah right now (something Biden said he was against and was a “red line” for him) was like telling the allies during World War II not to go into Berlin. “That’s ridiculous,” Netanyahu said, saying it would allow Hamas to repeat their attacks on his country. 

He said they had already effectively had a “two-state solution” with Gaza, and Hamas used that to launch the attack on Israel on Oct. 7, that to give them such a state after that attack would be the “greatest reward for terrorism in history.”  He also noted that they voted 99 to 9 against the imposition of a two-state solution on Israel, noting that the vast majority of the Israeli public was against it and in support of going into Rafah.

Netanyahu sort of had a little smile on his face when Hegseth brought up the question of what Schumer and Biden had said. Then, he completely took down Schumer. 

I think Schumer’s statements are wholly inappropriate. I think we’re not a banana republic. The people of Israel will choose when they’ll have elections, who they elect, and it’s not something that will be foisted upon us. It’s wrong to try to replace the elected leaders of a sister democracy and a staunch American ally at any time, but especially during the time of war.  
Just imagine that, after 9/11, and when you’re in the midst of fighting Al Qaeda, and winning. People would say, some Israeli would say, “Oh, the right thing to do is not to have new elections in America or have President Bush resign.” It’s inappropriate. Shouldn’t have been said. It’s wrong.”

Netanyahu also explained that the majority of Israelis support what he’s doing, and Israel also has the support of the majority of Americans in the war. 

The only thing we should be concentrated on is bringing down the terrorist regime in Gaza, he said. 

Now, that’s a resounding takedown of the ridiculous Democrats with reality. 

Bibi also had a little coda to the takedown as he praised former President Donald Trump when Hegseth asked about Trump’s remarks, which were supportive of him. Netanyahu said he appreciated Trump’s support, then noted how Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he moved the American embassy there, he got out of the “disastrous Iran nuclear deal” and together they brokered the Abraham Accords that brought more peace with Arab states. 

He did also thank Biden for the support at the beginning of the war and he said that he hoped support would continue, but that if it didn’t, they would go it alone. 

Translation: he’s not going to be cowed by them. The Democrats aren’t going to stop him by trying to undercut him. They may only be making him stronger. They’re only showing what terrible allies they are by their reaction. 


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  1. Democrats are not in charge of the world. Their influence should stop at the international boundries of the USA. They should further stay out of international poltics and leave any dealings with foreign nations to the State Department. For Democrats to voice and demand this or that of a foreign nation when they cannot even fix their own nation is a travisty that demands they be removed from office and replace with representatives that know their jobs and bounds. People that recently voiced demands that the Israel Prime Minister be replaced are treading on very thin ice and are not invincable, and are replaceable. Perhaps the problems in the USA stems from their lack of concentration on the problems at hand domestically.

  2. Why is it that American politicians feel they can interfere with another country’s sovereignty? Israel did not start the conflict but they are committed to ending this conflict with the release of all the hostages! If Hamas wants a cease before they lose everything they spent the world’s money on building then release the hostages! Nothing else to negotiate or talk about! The problem being there may be no hostages left alive! This would be a terrible loss for Israel! Chuck Schumer should apologize for his stupid talk and unconscionable stance !

  3. Israel is a great Nation within itself. They have been a good ally throughout American History. Hamas is a Terrorist Organization that started a war by killing the innocents. Israel can take care of the matter and get all the hostages back that were taken on that fateful murderous day. No politician in the America or any other Political Government has any right to try to dictate what Israel does in this war. No politician has the right to call for new elections of Officials of any rank in a Foreign Country. The Children of Israel have always been God’s chosen people. War is nothing new for Israel and in the end they will be victorious. God’s promises never fail and His standards will be kept.

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