Schiff: If SCOTUS Is Slow, They Are ‘Making Deliberate Decision’ to Push Trump Trial Past Election

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that if the Supreme Court did not act with “great speed” on the question of presidential immunity, they are “making a deliberate decision” to push special counsel Jack Smith  2020 election interference trial past the election.

Anchor Dana Bash said, “It seems as though the Trump strategy to delay these cases is paying off. Do you think there’s a chance that he might not stand trial in any of these cases before election day?”

Schiff said, “There is a chance that he could evade justice by delaying justice. This is a tried-and-true tactic of Trump throughout his career, and I hope that the courts are aware of exactly what he’s doing and his incentive in trying to prolong this. I hope they will go along with that strategy in New York. I hope that they will look at the facts in terms of what caused the late release of this discovery if it was driven by the Trump defense team not requesting it earlier, they should not postpone the trial any further.”

He added, “My greatest concern though, is over the January 6 case. That is the most serious a set of allegations against the president. It is the case brought by the Justice Department. The Supreme Court moved with great speed when it came to ruling that Trump could appear on the ballot. The question is, will it also move at great speed in rejecting this bogus immunity claim? If it doesn’t, it’s making a deliberate decision essentially to push the trial past the election, and I think that would be a terrible decision both for the interest of justice. It’ll be a terrible decision in depriving American voters of the information they would learn during the course of that trial, but it would also just further discredit this partisan and reactionary court.”

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