Trump Touts His 742 Delegates (and Counting) Win

After sweeping the board in Massachusetts, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas, Trump took to the stage to the strains of “God Bless the USA” to proclaim his Super Tuesday victory.

They call it Super Tuesday for a reason. This is a big one. And they tell me, the pundits, there has never been one like this, there’s never been anything so conclusive. This is an amazing night, an amazing day, it’s been an incredible period of time in our country’s history. It’s been sad in so many ways, but I think it’s going to be inspiring because we’re going to do something that, frankly, no one has been able to do in a long time. 

Trump gave one of his shortest speeches on record, and he stayed on message: Basically, It’s the economy, stupid, and the border matters.

We’ve watched our country take a great beating over the last three years. No one ever thought a thing like this would be possible. Russia attacking Ukraine. Iran was broke. No money for Hezbollah, and no inflation. Inflation is destroying the middle class. What’s happened with inflation has been unbelievable. 

Trump touted his poll numbers as evidence of the sentiment of the people who are fed up with President Joe Biden and his policies. 

He’s the worst president in the history of our country. There’s never been anything like what’s happening to our country. Today it was announced that 325,000 people were flown in from parts unknown. Migrants were flown in. Airplanes. Not going through borders, not going through that great Texas barrier[…] In the meantime they’re pouring into California and pouring into Arizona because those governors aren’t doing anything. 
So, that really tells you where they’re coming from; they want open borders and open borders are going to destroy our country. We need borders and we need free and fair elections otherwise we don’t have a country. 

Trump said the southern border is “overrun with migrant crime. And it’s a new category of crime. The world is laughing at us. The world is taking advantage of us.”

Trump proclaimed how, under his administration, the country was energy independent. “Now, we’re getting oil from Venezuela. Can you believe it?”

Then Trump lamented that 2020 was the inflection point. “A tragic thing happened during the election; it was a tragedy.”

Trump also said he would usher in a return to unity. 

That’s what ultimately is going to unify this country and going to unify this party. We have a great Republican Party with tremendous talent, and we need unity, and we’re going to have unity, and it’s going to happen very quickly. I’ve been saying lately, success will bring unity to our country, and it’s happened before.

Trump also spoke to how the nation was economically unifying under his leadership.

Every single group was doing better than ever before. It was a beautiful thing, our country was coming together. Our country was coming together. And now we have a very divided country. We have a country that a political person uses weaponization against his political opponents—never happened here. It happens in other countries, but they’re third-world countries. And in some ways we’re a third world country, we’re a third-world country at our borders, and we’re a third-world country at our elections. And we have to stop that.

Trump also called out the failure of the legacy media, and how the success of the country would be reliant upon a free and fair press. 

We need a fair and free press. The press has not been fair nor has it been free. But maybe, someday they will be. They are being beaten up pretty badly, people aren’t trusting them, they’re not believing them. And really it’s a very important factor. The press used to be the policeman, they used to police our country. Now nobody has confidence in them, and we have to get that confidence back. It’s so important for the success of our country, so important. 

Trump went on, “This has been a day we’ve been waiting for.” He then thanked his “great family” for being with him and his staff for “the incredible job” that they were doing. Trump circled back to reinforce how pivotal election day would be.

We have no choice because November 5 is right around the corner. November 5 is going to go down as the single-most important day in the history of our country. [The crowd interrupted with chants of USA]
We’re going to take it, and we’re going to make it like it should be: Respected. Right now we’re not respected. Right now, our country is known as a joke. Three years ago we were the most respected country anywhere in the world by far. 

Trump went through his record of accomplishments on the foreign stage. Most importantly, there were no wars waged under his administration — and the negotiation of the Abraham Accords. Then he pointed to the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan as the beginning of the damage under the Biden administration before returning to the horrors of the border and the unprecedented invasion. 

And now the worst things are happening. The things that are happening now are unthinkable. And they’re unthinkable at the border. We have millions of people invading our country. This is an invasion. This is the worst invasion—No country has ever had anything like it. The number today can be 15 million people.

So we’re going to take back our country. We’re going to make sure [applause] we are going to do it right. We are going to have the greatest economy ever in the history of this country. We’re going to top what we did. We’re going to become the energy center of the world. We were going to become energy dominant, and they stopped that. We’re going to pay off debt.

Trump concluded his speech by reiterating the consequences of this election.

We’ve got to win this election because we have no choice. If we lose this election we’re not going to have a country left. And we’re going to do something.
We love our country and we can’t let this magnificent place, a magnificent country. And it’s so sad to see how far it’s come, it’s gone. When you look at the depths of where it’s gone, we can’t let that happen.
We’re going to straighten it up, we’re going to close our borders, we’re going to make our country greater than ever before, and we’re going to do it quickly. We have to get the criminals out. We have got to get them out.
We’re going to have to deport a lot of people, a lot of bad people. Because our countries can’t live like this. Our cities are choking to death. Our states are dying, and really our country is dying.

Trump concluded with his signature tag line. “We’re going to Make America Great Again! Thank you very much. It’s been a big night.”

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