Psaki and Maddow Mock Concerns About Illegal Immigration, and Democrats Should Be Terrified

Super Tuesday went as expected, with Nikki Haley suffering a series of defeats leading to the suspension of her primary campaign. The race for 2024 is now officially a rematch of 2020, and the cackling ladies of MSNBC were in mid-season form. 

In a scene that should be played on repeat by Republicans until November, Jen Psaki, Rachel Maddow, and Joy Reid decided it’d be a great idea to mock voters who put illegal immigration as a top concern.

PSAKI: And if you look at some of these exit polls, I mean, I live in Virginia. Immigration was the number one issue, according, again, these could change…
REID: (Laughs)
MADDOW: Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia, a very contested area. Build the wall.

That video should terrify Democratic Party voters. 

Why? Because it shows the elites who run their messaging have no intention of changing strategies and acknowledging the realities of what Americans care about. Instead, they are going to double down on mentions of January 6th, and oddly enough, the Cookie Monster. That Maddow also threw in an insult of West Virginia only serves as further evidence of how out of touch these people are.

If a political party can’t admit it has a problem, it can’t work to fix that problem. That’s the conundrum Democrats find themselves in. There is no doubt that many Americans, including swing voters, see the crisis at the border as a real issue. Recent high-profile crimes, including the killing of Laken Riley in Georgia, have only elevated those concerns. 

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Speaking specifically of Virginia, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela was recently arrested for sexually assaulting a child. For Psaki to act shocked that people from her state might consider that worthy of caring about is astonishing.

You’d think Democrats, including those who carry influence on television, would understand they are walking into a buzzsaw and change course, if for nothing else than self-preservation. Taking the border seriously, both with rhetoric and action, would be an easy lay-up and possibly an election-shifting one. Their sheer hubris won’t allow them to do that, though. From Joe Biden to Rachel Maddow, Democrats would rather go down with the ship than admit they were wrong.

I’ll be honest. I figured that in the face of the worst illegal immigration crisis in American history, Democrats would at least pretend to care in a gambit to fool voters. They aren’t even bothering, though, and the saying “pride goes before the fall” is going to become very relevant soon.

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