Laken Riley’s Mom Posts Heartbreaking Message to Facebook, Calls Murder by Illegal an ‘Avoidable Tragedy’

The mother of slain University of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley posted a heartbreaking Facebook message Saturday, celebrating her daughter’s life but also calling her tragic end an “avoidable tragedy.”

Riley was murdered while out on a jog allegedly by 26-year-old Venezuelan Jose Antonio Ibarra, who was in this country illegally and – as we see so often these days – had previously been paroled and released.


The More We Learn About the Alleged Murderer of GA Nursing Student, the Worse It Gets

Allyson Phillips, Laken’s mom, shared her heartbreak but thanked Jesus Christ for helping her cope with the devastating loss:

Although her message was about her love for her daughter and her faith, she also wrote one line that sums up the sad circumstances:

Yes, it was senseless, and yes, it was avoidable. But Joe Biden decided early on in his presidency to open the floodgates at the border, and this was the inevitable outcome. You simply cannot let in millions upon millions of people – unvetted – and not expect something terrible to happen. 

And now it has.

Phillips continued:

Biden’s ruthless policies paved the way for tragedies like this to happen, and while he and his handlers try to portray him as a genial, friendly uncle type, he’s actually anything but. This murder is a direct result of his refusal to secure the border – actually, his purposeful opening of the border – and Laken Riley and her family are the ones to pay the price.

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