Doomsday Poll Part Two: The NYTs Releases Results of the ‘Age’ Question for Joe Biden

Just when the White House thought the worst had passed regarding The New York Times’ disastrous poll for Joe Biden, Sunday morning brought us the second half of the equation.  

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In the first release, the survey showed Donald Trump leading the current president by five points. That led to a bout of cross-tab “truther-ism” in which liberals showed they have no idea how polling works. Whatever penchant Republicans had for dismissing or trying to “un-skew” polls in past cycles, Democrats have firmly taken up that mantle, and it’s hilarious to see. 

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Astonishingly, the second half of the Times’ results may be worse than what came out on Saturday. Specifically, Biden is getting creamed when it comes to the question of age and cognitive ability.

I’m no math whiz, but a quick typing of some numbers into a calculator tells me that 73 percent of respondents believe Biden is too old to be an effective president. That’s simply an incredible number. On the other side, not even a majority say the same about Trump, likely because most are looking at age as a measure of public evidence and not just a number. 

The former president may not be quite as sharp as he once was, but he can still read a teleprompter, give unscripted interviews, and doesn’t have the gait of an advanced nursing home patient. Public presentation matters and Biden’s public presentation says he’s in severe decline

So why do I say the result of the age question is worse than the head-to-head number released a day prior? Because while a politician might be able to change public opinion on performance issues (i.e. views on the economy, foreign policy, etc.), the White House can’t change that Biden is senile. 

He’s not going to start walking normally again. He’s not going to stop mixing up world leaders during speeches. He’s not going to suddenly have the ability to vigorously campaign or to do interviews outside of pre-scripted back-slapping sessions with left-wing late-night hosts. 

Biden is who he is, and once the effects of age come for someone, they don’t backtrack. There’s no magic pill to take that will return the president to some semblance of mental competency. He’s done, and the American people know he’s done. Those perceptions are set in stone, and the only real question is whether Democrats have the guts to make a change before the convention finalizes Biden as the nominee.

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