Left-Wing Outlet Panics Over Growing ‘Conservatism’ In the U.S.

A second Trump term, the horror! Conservatives, Christianity— a massacre for the United States, according to Left-wing The Economist. 

According to The Economist, a “growing peril” of a national conservative movement is spreading rapidly throughout the U.S. 

The outlet called on liberals to stop the MAGA movement that they claim is “dangerous.” 

The authors compared conservatism in the 1980s during the Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher era to former President Trump’s presidency. 

“Today Donald TrumpViktor Orban, and a motley crew of Western politicians have demolished that orthodoxy, constructing in its place a statist, “anti-woke” conservatism that puts national sovereignty before the individual. These national conservatives are increasingly part of a global movement with its own networks of thinkers and leaders bound by a common ideology,” the outlet noted. “They sense that they own conservatism now — and they may be right.”

The magazine’s cover features a red MAGA hat that lists several nations saying, “Make America, Hungary, Italy, France, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland great again.”

The article warns that conservatives will reign power by capturing “state institutions, including courts, universities, and the independent press.” 

Breitbart News highlighted that the article’s authors are uninterested in the real problems Americans face daily in the country— and instead, drive intense hate toward the conservative movement that intends to bring the nation back to before the Left’s progressive movement took over. 

“Liberalism’s great strength is that it is adaptable,” the article states, adding that liberalism “can adapt to national conservatism, too,” but for the moment, “it is falling behind.”

The piece admits that conservatives have one thing right: illegal immigration and the fear that the next several generations will grow up poorer than our parents and grandparents, stating that universities and the press “have been captured by hostile, illiberal, left-leaning elites.”

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